A guest house, also known as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), is a great way to have a private cottage for visiting family members or friends, or even a full-time home for an elderly mother or father.   A guest house is permitted on your property in Clallam County, provided you meet the requirements of the Clallam County Code (CCC).  You can have a primary residence and one ADU.  As you can see from this Sequim guest house, it can be a very nice custom built home.

Sequim Guest House

The Code gets very specific about how to qualify.   The property on which an ADU is to be located must comply with the minimum lot size of the underlying zone. Parcels not meeting the minimum lot size may be allowed an attached ADU. Outside of designated urban growth areas, the property on which a detached ADU is to be located must be at least 1.5 acres in size.  This standard may be waived by the Administrator where it can be demonstrated that the detached ADU will be served by a community water supply and community sewage disposal system.  There’s a lot more detail in the CCC.

Learn more about the legal requirements about guest houses in Sequim and Port Angeles.

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