Are You Buying or Selling Real Estate in Sequim or Port Angeles, WA?

Get your copy of the first local real estate book written by a local author and real estate expert.

Packed full of knowledge and experience from the school of hard knocks, local author and retired real estate attorney Chuck Marunde shares tips about buying and selling, negotiating, traps for the unwary, how to do your due diligence in finding your ideal property, and insider perspectives about what happens behind the scenes.  Take a look at the Contents:

Chuck Marunde is considered one of Washington State's foremost experts on real estate transactions.  Chuck practiced real estate law for 20 years and saw the common mistakes buyers and sellers make, and with years as a real estate broker and consultant to real estate agents and brokers, this book is packed full of practical tips for both buyers and homeowners trying to sell their homes in this real estate market.  Chuck raised his own family in Sequim so he knows the area intimately.

Sequim Real Estate Attorney (Ret.)
and now Real Estate Broker & Author

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Buying & Selling Real Estate in the Rain Shadow

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