Sequim has it’s own professional mixed martial arts fighter, cage fighter Bristol Marunde. You may have seen UFC or IFL fighting on TV or cable.

I took this photo at his Saturday night fight in Shelton, Washington, April 5, 2008, while three famous fighters, Matt Hume, Rich Franklin, and Frank Mir watched Bristol’s fight ringside. Bristol is my son.

It was an intense grueling two rounds as Bristol faced Noah Inhofer (Miletich Fighting Systems) , who took repeated punches from Bristol throughout the fight. Bristol has incredible power, speed, and technique, and Noah did extremely well facing a steady onslaught of punishment. Bristol clearly dominated the fight, but Noah did rock Bristol a couple of times with quick strikes to the face, a strong kick to the abdomen, and a solid kick to Bristol’s left leg.

Most of the fight Noah was in defensive mode, largely because Bristol’s attacks were intense and unrelenting for two rounds. They call it cage fighting, because both fighters are inside a cage from which there is no escape. Wherever Noah went, Bristol was there hammering, and when he wasn’t throwing vicious punches, he was slamming Noah to the mat and showing the hundreds of fight fans what grappling and submission fighting is all about.

As I watched the fight, it occurred to me that Noah was facing his worse nightmare by trading blows with Bristol, unless it was grappling on the mat with Bristol. Come to think of it, getting in the cage with Bristol was probably not the safest thing Noah has done.

Just before the starting bell rang for the third round, Noah’s corner announced that he could not come out.

I talked with Noah after the fight. He was very gracious and even apologetic for not being able to come out for the third round. He said he had been temporarily blinded in one of his eyes. We figured out that was because Noah had been hit so many times by Bristol’s deadly strikes to the temple area around the side of his head. Congratulations Bristol for a well earned victory, and an honorable mention to Noah who fought well under the circumstances.

For you fight fans, see more of Bristol Marunde cage fighter photos from the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, Washington.

[While most of Chuck’s writing focuses on his expertise in real estate, Chuck has also been a featured author and photographer for Ultimate Grappling Magazine.]

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