The home buying process can be a bit intimidating if you haven’t bought a lot of homes. Even if you’ve bought a couple of homes in different parts of the country, the home buying process is always unique to a local real estate market. This podcast gives you an overview of the home buying process from A to Z.

Home Buying Process

As I said on this podcast, you really need to do a good job with your due diligence. Buying a home is not a time to make any big mistakes, especially if you are retiring. Who wants a nightmare in retirement? So I always recommend finding a very professional buyer’s agent with experience and integrity, and I always recommend hiring a local mortgage broker. Buying a home is hard enough without mistakes or lack of knowledge that could cost you your dream home, and when I say “lack of knowledge,” I’m not referring to you, but to the professionals you hire.

Master the home buying process with the right professionals, and everything will go as smoothly as it possibly can, which still means no transaction is going to be a cake walk.

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