Buying land in Sequim is no small matter, and it will take a great deal of research on your part long before you even come to Sequim to view land. I’ve done a lot of work for you in advance over the past 25 years in Sequim, and I am here to help you through that process.

Buying Land in Sequim

Buying Land in Sequim is Dangerous

Yes, buying land in Sequim can be a dangerous occupation, at least for the unwary buyer. There are many traps for the unwary buyer, as I often said when I was practicing law. Unlike an existing home, vacant land has some uncertain issues you have to deal with, and which could come back to bite you later big time.

I developed a checklist for buying vacant land way back in about 1995, and I share that with you in this video as well as on my Sequim Real Estate Blog. I also include many articles on the blog about the issues that could come back to haunt you and how to address those issues up front in your due diligence before you buy and before you close the transaction. Once you close, and the seller has your money, you won’t have the option of undoing the purchase, so you have to get this right the first time.

I think you’ll enjoy this short video and the resources I make available to you on the blog, but let me emphasize here that probably the single most important part of your due diligence is selecting the right Sequim buyer’s agent who has the knowledge and experience to address complex issues in the purchase of vacant land. I don’t need to tell you that an inexperienced agent is like having no agent at all, or worse, it’s like having someone you trust but who doesn’t have your backside. Having said that, I hope you enjoy my little video on buying land in Sequim.

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