Manage Your Energy Not Your Time” is now available in audio as well as the previously published Kindle and paperback versions. Manage Your Energy is Chuck Marunde’s latest book. While Chuck’s last 10 books have been about real estate, and specifically about Sequim real estate, this book is not about real estate at all.

Manage Your Energy

Manage Your Energy is a Fun Read

What is Manage Your Energy all about? “Who doesn’t want to be free to be happy, successful, and have great relationships? This book taps into something every one of us has: physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual energy. All of these key areas can drain us of energy, or they can work together to increase our energy levels in all areas of life, and the result is so powerful, you’ll wonder how you get so much done in a single day–every day.”

Manage Your Energy

My clients are all real estate clients, and the vast majority are retirees who are already mature and successful and happy, but this book will challenge anyone to think in new ways. Retiring is the next big exciting phase in life, and despite the fact that our bodies are getting older and slowing down, in every other way, we have an opportunity to make the next decade the best years of our lives. Manage Your Energy is a fun read in either paperback or on your Kindle or iPad, and if you prefer, you can download the audio version and listen to it in the author’s own voice.

You can learn more or purchase at Amazon: Manage Your Energy.

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