How much are Clallam County property taxes? How do I calculate my property taxes? How do I get a tax credit? Can I get a senior citizen’s exemption? What about an agriculture or timber exemption? How do I appeal my property tax assessment? All good questions, and for your convenience here are key links that will answer your questions:

Washington State Property Tax History
Washington State Property Valuation Requirements
What is market value?
What types of properties are assessed?
How is real property appraised?
How is personal property valued?
How often does Clallam County appraise property?
Do I have to let the county appraiser into my home or onto my property?
Why may assessed values change from year to year?
Who determines the amount of a property tax bill?
Property Tax Limitations (Statutory Limits)
What is a property tax levy?
Calculating Your Individual Property Tax
Why do property tax rates vary throughout the county?
Public Participation
How do I pay my property taxes?
What if I disagree with my property ´s assessed value?
Property Tax Relief Programs
Property Tax Reform

Free Downloads
Review of Real Property Valuation Determination (20k)
Senior and Disabled Persons Exemption from Real Property Taxes (221k)
Citizens ´ Guide to the Clallam County Budget (154k)
Excise Tax Affidavit
Excise Supplemental Statement
Mobile Home Excise Tax Affidavit

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