One thing can change your life.  It’s true, one thing can change everything for the rest of your life.  Whether a Californian moves to Sequim to retire in their dream home, or stays in Los Angeles the rest of their life often turns on a single event.   Let me share a simple example to get your brain’s neurons firing.

One Thing Can Change Your Life in Small Ways

One Thing Can Change Your LifeOne of my personal challenges in life has been finding a good affordable electric shaver.  There are some very fancy and expensive electric shavers, and being financially conservative and skeptical, I have not been persuaded to make a withdrawal from my 401(k) to invest in one of the top of these line electronic marvels.  Replacement screens and cutters, and the alcohol solutions for cleaning the units all require a substantial monthly budget.  Instead, I fell into a pattern of purchasing inexpensive electric shavers priced from $9.99 to $29.  At those prices it was cheaper to just buy a new shaver rather than replace the screen and cutters.  But I always had a hard time throwing any of these away, so I had a box of electric shavers, and my bathroom counter surrounding the sink on any day would have a myriad of shaving units.  The problem wasn’t just that I had a mess on my counter.  I also wasn’t getting the best shave, and the skin on my sensitive neck and face suffered.

Then I discovered that one thing can change your life, and it changed mine.  I bought a top of the line electric shaver.  It’s a Braun Series 3 Model 390 cc-4.  The very first day I used it, I realized I was feeling a new sense of freedom.  The much more powerful unit and faster speed of the cutting action gave me the smoothest shave I’ve ever experienced in my life, and once again my neck and face were as smooth as a baby’s behind.  It was fast and painless, and I love the results.  So how did this one thing change my life?

One Thing Can Change Your Life Like a Chain Reaction

After this one thing–buying a quality electric shaver–I collected all my old shavers in a large box and threw them out.  Then I cleaned the entire bathroom counter and organized it better than it has looked in years.  But changing one thing often reverberates in the rest of your life, and this was true for me even in this little thing.  With my bathroom counter looking so good, I got the bug to clean the rest of my bathroom.  I scrubbed, cleaned, and organized.  I stood back and felt a sense of pride.  Then I realized I had not yet replaced two dead light bulbs of the many that encircled the bathroom mirror, so I did the thing that any man would do.  I went to Home Depot.  While in Home Depot I met some friends, and we had a great conversation, and there was plenty of laughter.  Hearty laughter is great medicine for the soul.  The day just kept getting better.

Having recaptured my baby smooth face with the new shaver, and now getting a happy surprise every time I walked into my bathroom, I was on a roll, and started cleaning the kitchen, and then the other rooms in the house.  Because of one thing, buying a quality electric shaver, a chain of events was put into motion, and my life has improved, albeit in small ways.

One Thing Can Change Your Life in Big Ways Forever

A couple in California decide to visit Sequim with the idea of looking at homes and evaluating the area to see if this might be the place to retire for the rest of their lives.  There are many steps in that process.  They will spend time on the Internet before they come looking at homes, reading about Sequim, and perhaps emailing or talking with a local real estate agent.  They collect information, and they filter through lots of information.  They contact an agent, and they come to Sequim to look at homes.

If they hire the wrong real estate agent, they may take a completely different path, one that leads to staying in Los Angeles.  If they don’t find the ideal retirement home, they may stay in Los Angeles for the rest of their lives.  If they find the right house, but they make a mistake in the negotiations, they may not get it. 

On the other hand, if they meet a Realtor they enjoy working with who is competent and professional, and if they find the ideal home, and if they negotiate a great price and terms, and they have a good experience in the process, they end up moving to Sequim and the rest of their lives are changed forever.  Or any one event in the chain of events could cause them to stay in Los Angeles for the rest of their lives.  Living in Los Angeles will result in a series of inter-related events that have their own consequences and meaning for life, some good, some not so good.  There are many decisions made in the retirement process, and one thing can change your life.  Whether they move to Sequim or stay in L.A., the people with whom they have relationships will play a major factor in the path they take.  The next person you meet could change your life forever.  The next home you buy could change your life forever.  Take it from many retirees who have already moved to Sequim and from me, having lived here for 18 years, one thing can change your life forever.

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