Port Angeles ForeclosuresThere are Sequim and Port Angeles homes in foreclosure.   Many are in pre-foreclosure, and for some the Trustee’s Sale Date is looming.   This is unfortunate for the owners, and that’s an understatement.   When it comes to getting the home sold in a timely way, and pocket some money, this is more difficult than most think.   Talk is cheap, so be cautious about any investor or real estate agent who talks big, because most of the talk is just that–talk.   At the end of the day, you are very likely in this market to end up simply losing the house at the sale.   All the equity you have will just go poof!

I have several clients who are cash buyers, and they have asked me to find them a good investment.   This is not easy to do.   I have more data on Sequim and Port Angeles foreclosures and more access to relevant information than probably any other agent out there, and having been a real estate attorney and now a broker, I don’t think it is unfair to say I probably have more knowledge and experience in handling foreclosures than most, but . . . it is still very difficult to find a foreclosure property that is a reasonable investment for a buyer.   Let me explain that.

There are many homes in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure, and to do the due diligence required of me to narrow down a 100+ properties, collect the ownership and financial data, look at the homes and evaluate them, do comparative market analyses, figure out what they could be sold for in this market, and work with a potential investor, all of this alone could take 60 hours a week.   In other words, working foreclosures could easily be a full time job, and as a Realtor, I have other clients, other listings, and other responsibilities.

Cash is king!   Always has been.   So, here’s the deal.   If you, or someone you know, has a home in foreclosure, or land in foreclosure, email me with the information or call me, and I will examine your property and see if I can sell it for you.   Of course, that could be to one of my current clients or it could be by listing it and promoting it to other potential buyers.   You won’t find anyone more diligent and caring in this process than me.   I mean that.

May I make a suggestion?   Do NOT procrastinate.   A Trustee’s Sale Date has a way of creeping up on you like a ghost in the night.   You do not have time to fool around, to experiment with various approaches that might sell your home, to try to become an expert in marketing and real estate by being your own FSBO, or by letting an inexperienced real estate agent burn up the next few months dinging around while you lose your home.

May I be bold here?   I am being blunt, because many who are in foreclosure are simply out of time.   Real estate agents are a bit like attorneys.   Ask an attorney if he or she can handle a particular legal matter, and their answer is always, “Yes,” even if they have never touched the subject.   Hey, everyone has to start somewhere.   There’s a first time for everything, right?   It’s just that if you are in foreclosure, you don’t have time to let others learn in the school of hard knocks at your expense.   There’s too much at stake for you.

You know how to reach me.

Sincerely, Chuck Marunde, J.D. (Realtor and Retired Real Estate Attorney

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