Sequim and Port Angeles mortgage default online help is now available, and homeowners who are struggling to make loan payments can work directly with their lending institution, and this new system has the capacity to get very quick responses through this well connected database network.

Homeowners who use the system are able to get responses from the banks in as little as one week. That’s practically unheard of. This is cutting edge technology, and it’s a business model desperately needed now. I believe this could be an answer for thousands of people across the country. I have been authorized by the owners to make this exclusive news announcement, and I am the first to announce this new system for homeowners in Washington state. I urge you to take advantage of this help, if you need help with your current mortgage.

We are in challenging times, and a loss of job or reduction in hours can be the cause of a default, but there are many other legitimate reasons a person might find themselves in trouble. Divorce, death of a spouse, injury, or other circumstances can cause a person to get behind on their mortgage payments.

As a retired real estate attorney and now as a Broker/Owner/Realtor, I’ve spent time interviewing the founders and owners of this company, and I am greatly impressed with what they’ve put together. I highly recommend this site if you need to communicate with your lender to seek a modification of your loan, a forbearance, or a refinance.

If you are in foreclosure on a local level in Sequim or Port Angeles, be proactive to find solutions. Don’t wait until the 11th hour of the Trustee’s sale when it may be too late. Having been a real estate attorney, I understand the process inside and out and what can be done. I also have a site where buyers can look at listed foreclosure properties: or

To modify your loan or to communicate with your lender for other requests, go to this site: Resolving Your Loan Default Now. You’ll be glad you did. Email me and let me know how they were able to help you.

Courtesy Sequim & Port Angeles Real Estate, LLC

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