Foreclosure Process in SequimDo you own a Sequim or Port Angeles home that is now in foreclosure or just a month or two away from the foreclosure process?  It is a sign of the times that many good people find themselves on the verge of foreclosure or in the middle of one.  Some have suffered the loss of their full-time job.  Others have a limited pension, but with large losses in retirement funds managed by so-called professional money managers during the past two years, increasing health care costs, and financial uncertainty, continuing to make large monthly payments on a mortgage is no longer manageable.

In earlier years you might have simply sold your home and down scaled, but with the real estate recession, many homes are now upside down:  they are worth less than the balance of the mortgage.  Some have put their homes up for sale, but have not had any buyers make an offer.

What can you do if you are close to foreclosure or in foreclosure?

As a real estate attorney I did many foreclosures in Sequim and Port Angeles.  I know the process, the costs and fees associated with a foreclosure, the timelines involved, and I know what it takes to keep your house out of foreclosure.  Some of the costs and fees can be compromised, and there are statutory deadlines that cannot be compromised.

As a real estate broker I know what it takes to sell a home in this market.  I also have worked with banks on loan modifications and short sales.  To help my clients and prospective clients, I have many online articles about the foreclosure process, short sales, and marketing a home in this market.

If you are in or approaching a foreclosure on your home in Sequim or Port Angeles, and you would like to sit down with me for a free consultation on what the process involves, how much time you have, what you can do, and whether trying to sell your home makes sense, call me at 360-775-5424 for an appointment.  Do not procrastinate, because time is your enemy in this situation, and I can help only if we have enough time before the statutory Trustee’s Sale at the courthouse.

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