Sequim Custom HomesLet’s face it, we are in a buyer’s market in Sequim and Port Angeles for existing homes and land, and most people know this. But something many people do not realize is that we are also in a a great market for building a new home. The cost of building a new home is lower than its been in years.

There are three major reasons the cost of building a new home is at such a low point right now:

1. The cost of building materials has dropped;
2. Land prices are lower; and
3. Subcontractors and General Contractors have lowered their profit margins.

Premier House Plans magazine cited new figures from the National Association of Home Builders:

Despite the gloom surrounding the housing landscape at the moment, there are appealing bright sides for saavy investors and homeowners who are considering construction of a new home from house plans.

First of all, the cost of key home construction materials has declined dramatically–and that rate of decline is slowing. As of the first quarter of 2008, framing lumber is 65% cheaper than it was two years ago, and 15% cheaper than a year ago. Drywall producers report a 36% decline in prices since last year, and a 5% decline since last quarter of 2007.

While sales of existing homes are down, sales of vacant lots are really down, and so if there ever was a buyer’s market for land, it is now. The inventory is high, and buyers are few and far between. While a developer is not likely to sell a lot for less than his own cost basis, he will shave profit to get some cash flow coming in the door. And with business so slow, of course, contractors are willing to shave profits to get business.

If there was ever a time to buy a lot and build a new home, that time is now. It’s been said that once a company shows up on the cover of Forbes magazine, the time to buy its stock and profit from its success is long past.   By the time the guy on the street is talking about it, it’s too late.   The same will be true of building your home. By the time everyone agrees that the market is going to recover, and the banking system is getting its equilibrium back, and the mortgage and real estate markets are getting their legs back, interest rates will already be on the rise and lot prices and construction prices will be back to normal. The opportunity is a small window in time, and that time is now.

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