Building Your Retirement Home
(or having a contractor build your home)
Sequim Real Estate, Port Angeles Real Estate

You’re moving to Sequim or Port Angeles, and you’re planning on having a contractor build your retirement home. You’ve been planning this for 5 to 7 years, and finally you’ve reached that magic retirement date. You’ve purchased a piece of vacant land in either Sequim or Port Angeles, gone through many checklist items when making the offer so you don’t get caught by a Trap for the Unwary (wet lands, land doesn’t perc or other septic issues, well water contamination, site approval issues, easements and set backs effecting site building permits, environmental contamination (from prior uses or from neighboring properties), access, encroachments, boundary lines, etc.), and your next step is hiring a contractor to build your home. After 20 years of law practice and many years as a Realtor, I have put together a checklist from real life experience, and you can read the full article at:

10 Due Diligence Steps Before Hiring a Contractor in
Sequim or Port Angeles

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