Did you know that email you send to someone can end up in their spam folder if you make a common mistake in email etiquette. We typically assume email that we send is received at the other end, and sometimes we may wonder why we haven’t gotten a response. It may be because your email went directly into a spam folder. The person you sent it to may not have responded because they never saw it.

spam folder

Email in the Spam Folder

There are some obvious words and phrases you should not include in your email if you’re going to avoid the spam folder. You can’t use words like “viagra,” or other words I don’t want to type here. But the less obvious spam words include words like, “extra money,””extra cash,” “earnest money,” “order status,” “singles,” “low interest rate,” “giving away,” “you’re a winner,” “free gift,” “bonus,” and dozens of other words commonly found in spam emails.

Did you know your email can also get sent to the spam folder if you include three or more links to other websites in your email? And some email systems will stop your email if it has a large attachment. 

Avoid the Spam Folder

Most of the spam words we might use in an email are accidental. When you are typing an email to someone, you’re hardly thinking about the list of 200 spam words. But there is a way to be sure that an important email gets through.

At the top of your email in bold letters type, “Please Acknowledge Receipt.” Asking for the recipient to acknowledge receipt accomplishes two things. First you know it didn’t go into their spam folder, and second you know they read it, so you can expect a response or answer to your question. If they don’t acknowledge receipt, you can follow up with another email or a telephone call. At least that way you aren’t just wondering why you don’t get an answer.

This is important if you are emailing about your real estate transaction. In fact, it could be critical if you are emailing important documents. It could mean missing a deadline or losing out on a home you really wanted. You can check your spam folder regularly, but that can be tedious. If you ever email me, and you don’t get a quick response, don’t hesitate to email again or call. But the best way may simply be to ask for acknowledgment so you don’t end up in a spam folder.

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