How can I know the fair market value of a home, and how much should I offer for a home in Sequim? Why is this important? Because when you do find the perfect home, you will have to filter through many prices in order to decide how much you will offer. There is a listed price, a tax assessor’s price, the seller’s purchase price, the cost of replacement, the price of comparable sales, and there may even be a formal appraiser’s price. So how much will you offer?

What is Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value

How to Calculate Fair Market Value

Chuck Marunde’s brand new book, Buying Your Retirement Home And How Much To Offer, shares for the first time the keys to calculating true fair market value. When you find your ideal retirement home, you need to know how much to offer, and you cannot rely on the listed price to do that. The listed price is the seller’s price, the price the seller hopes to get, and it may or may not be fair market value. It may be the price the listing agent suggested, but even that doesn’t guarantee it is true fair market value.

The last thing you want to do as you move into the next exciting phase of your life is over pay for a home. You need a way to understand the various methods used to arrive at price, and this new ebook will help you do exactly that. Submitting an offer on a home is not about guessing at the price. For only $2.99 you can learn from nationally recognized real estate expert Chuck Marunde. Chuck got started in real estate four decades ago, has been a real estate attorney for 20 years (ret.), and is an author of many real estate books. Chuck is a Buyer’s Agent in Sequim, and this is good news for retirees coming to Sequim. Many seek to retain Chuck as their Buyer’s Agent months before they arrive in Sequim.

You can learn all about fair market value in Buying Your Retirement Home And How Much To Offer on Amazon. As with all of Chuck’s eBooks, you get free updates forever.

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