Billionaires are having garage sales, like this one.   The ex-wife of billionaire Timothy Blixseth is hoping to raise some cash by selling her little castle known as the Chateau de Farcheville located outside of Paris.   The price is what you might expect with a real estate castle market that has dipped somewhat below the water level of the moats, $57 million. But wait, look at what you get.   The residence was built in 2004.   Excuse me, I meant the residence was built in 1304.   Of course, it comes with a moat, personal hunting grounds, 15 bedrooms, 1,000 acres and a helicopter pad.

Should you like to make an offer on this castle, I would love to be your buyer’s agent.   Wouldn’t that be a nice commission?   In the present market, no castles are up for sale in the Sequim or Port Angeles areas.   If you are in the market, by all means, let me know.

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