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Sequim Home Business

Operating a Sequim home business has always been popular for retirees in the Sequim area, but it is becoming more and more popular for two huge reasons. In this article I’ll explain why a Sequim home business is such a good idea for almost any retiree.

Sequim Home Business

Sequim Home Business – It Makes Sense

Who retires to the Sequim area? People in their 50s and 60s who have had full professional careers and who have vast knowledge and experience and life wisdom. These incredible people have so much to offer the rest of us, and they are far too energetic to retire and do nothing. They are not the kind of people who plan to sit in a lazy boy chair, eat potato chips, and wait until they die. Far from that, retirees who move to Sequim are full of life and excitement about their futures. Many take a career of amazing experience in science, engineering, writing, teaching, law enforcement, and so on, and become consultants or trainers working out of a Sequim home business. With high speed Internet, you can showcase a small Sequim home business and give it a wonderful professional online image. Running a home business with your unique skill set can be very fulfilling.

Sequim Home Business – Financially Wise

Many retirees are also wanting to run a Sequim home business because they want or need the income. The future is full of uncertainties. You might have a six figure retirement from a California municipality or the State of California, but what does the future hold for the budgets of those governments? Many have been expressing concerns about the future solvency of some state and municipal governments. I know a commercial airline pilot who was worried his retirement would get reduced by 70% because of the airline’s reorganization. I know a retired deputy from Los Angeles who is being told his retirement may get reduced substantially. Even if your retirement check keeps coming forever, you can be certain your living expenses will increase, including health care and prescriptions.

For those who want to retire but have not built a huge nest egg to live on for the rest of their lives, running a Sequim home business may be a necessity. Financial planning for retirement has and is dramatically changing. Large corporations are not necessarily the place to find a steady 20 or 30 year career anymore. Microsoft and many companies prefer to hire independent contractors, not employees, and they can terminate these contractors without any long term commitment or benefits or retirement. [Read The Crisis in Retirement Planning, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2014.]

What does this mean? It means operating a Sequim home business where you build a monthly income to live on is probably going to replace the $3 million dollar mutual fund that provides a $100,000 annual retirement income. In the current generation, most will not have the option of creating that large nest egg. Consider this: creating a $4,000 a month income running a Sequim home business is the equivalent of getting a 3% annual income off a $1,600,000 retirement account. Another way of thinking about this is to say that a home business that provides a $4,000 a month income is worth $1.6 million invested. Don’t underestimate the value or freedom of running a successful home business.

These are two great reasons to think about operating your own Sequim home business and why so many of us do.

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The Importance of Unambiguous Real Estate Contracts

Ambiguous real estate contracts can turn into a nightmare for a buyer like you. Real estate contracts are an important part of buying a home, and normally your Realtor drafts your real estate contracts. These are binding agreements, and if your Realtor doesn’t draft clean documents that are unambiguous, you could end up with a nightmare. I know this, because I was a real estate attorney for 20 years. Now I’m a buyer’s agent for people moving to Sequim. During all these years, I’ve seen hundreds of ambiguous contracts, clauses, addendums, as well as ambiguous letters and emails, and I’m talking about communications from other Realtors. I can testify to the importance of articulate and unambiguous contracts and communications. Words have meaning, especially in real estate contracts, but sometimes words can be misleading, as in this photo.

Real Estate Contracts

Real Estate Contracts

Real estate transactions have gotten exceedingly complicated over the decades I’ve been in the business. A purchase and sale agreement was only two legal sized pages when I started, but today I would say the shortest agreement is 14 pages. The legalese is far beyond most buyer’s understanding.

But that’s not the problem. The problem for you as a buyer is ambiguities in the communications between the Realtors and others involved in your transaction. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of times I have received an email from a Realtor on the other end of a transaction that is embarrassingly ambiguous. Look, not everyone is good with the English language, right? We all know that, but have you considered how deleterious an ambiguity can be in your real estate contracts? Being sloppy with English is okay in a casual conversation, but not in a binding contract.

How many times have people ended up in a dispute because the buyer thought something was going to happen, but the seller had an entirely different idea? These misunderstandings can be minor or major, but in either event, they can be a nightmare. How do such things happen? Poor communications between the Realtors.

Real Estate Contracts in Plain English

The articulate use of the English language is essential when you are buying a home. It is important to express your intent as a buyer in your real estate contracts concisely and without ambiguity. It is vital that your Realtor know what to say and what not to say (or write). After 40 years in real estate, I’m going to estimate that 70% of all Realtors in the U.S. do not communicate clearly throughout the entire length of a real estate transaction on all issues. Frankly, I think that percentage is probably much higher. Most buyers get lucky, and if nothing bad happens, then no one ever knows the difference.

You don’t have to hire me as your buyer’s agent, but I hope you do. I work very heard to earn your business, so interview me, meet with me, talk to me. Find out for yourself.

I don’t practice real estate hoping, guessing, or by using ambiguous language. I don’t do ambiguities. I protect my buyers. Trust me, you do not want ambiguities in your real estate contracts.

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Sequim 3 Story Home

A 3 Story Home in the Sequim area is a rarity. Retirees just do not build a 3 story home, at least until now. Why? The obvious. Retirees do not like stairs. Most of my buyers are in their 50s and 60s, and while they are pretty healthy, they usually say something very similar, “We’re healthy now, but we’re thinking about when we are in our 80s. We don’t want to be walking up and down stairs to the master bedroom.”

3 Story Home

3 Story Home a Novelty in Sequim

So when I saw this 3 story home going up in Sequim, I was fascinated. Unless there’s an elevator shaft I do not see, this home has stairs galore. It appears fairly narrow, especially when you allow for staircases inside, which always take up a lot of square footage. There are both advantages and disadvantages to a 3 story home. 

The chief advantage is the view you get from the top floor. In this case, this 3 story home is facing the Olympic Mountains, and the view will be wonderful. On this particular lot, you needed a second floor or a third floor to capture the majesty of the mountain view they will have, but on many lots that are positioned with a grand panoramic view, you get an incredible view from a single level home. 

3 Story Home Disadvantage

There are significant disadvantages. The building costs increase dramatically with a 3rd floor, the heating is not as efficient as a single level, and there is the loss of useable space because of all the staircases, not to mention having to climb up and down all those darn stairs for the rest of your life. But the biggest disadvantage in an area like Sequim is that retirees don’t want to buy a 3 story home. While a 3 story home may be the cat’s meow while owned by the original builder/owner, reselling a 3 story home may be nearly impossible in Sequim. That’s just the reality of our demographics. I’m glad my home is a single level, but I’ll certainly have fun looking at this 3 story home every time I drive past it.

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Sequim Electric Rates

Sequim electric rates are a fraction of what they are in southern California. My monthly electric bill averages $125 per month. I have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Sequim with 1,850 square feet all one one level, and my Sequim electric rates are quite reasonable. June, July, August, and September were all $67 per month. Here’s a 12 month graph of electricity usage. This graph shows what your own monthly useage would look like from month to month, although your monthly bills may be more or less.

Sequim Electric Rates

Sequim Electric Rates in Winter

This has been the coldest winter we’ve had in 3 or 4 years, so even with low Sequim electric rates, our bills were a little higher this winter. Our coldest months are shown on this graph starting in November. My winter bills ranged from $100 to $200, and everything in my home is electric. I do have a fireplace, but I haven’t used it this year.

Sequim Electric Rates

The average residential electricity rate in Sequim is 8.09¢/kWh. This average in Sequim is 31.9% less than the national average rate of 11.88¢/kWh. Residential rates in the U.S. range from 8.37¢/kWh to 37.34¢/kWh. [Source: Electric Rates]

The cost of living in Sequim is very reasonable compared with many other areas of the country. Sequim electric rates are one reason, but we don’t have temperature extremes either. We don’t need air conditioning in the summer, because temperatures rarely get above 80, and most days in the winter are in the 50s and 40s. 

The PUD (public utility) in the Sequim area has a great online billing and analysis tool for homeowners, so you can know exactly what your useage with a variety of charts. We are very fortunate that Sequim electric rates are low.

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Who is Your Local Real Estate Expert?

Who needs a real estate expert? Two people come to mind–buyers and sellers. Your home, the one you buy, will be one of the most important and largest purchases of your life, and it’s the home where you will spend the majority of your time, maybe for the rest of your life. With that in mind, would you want a Realtor or an attorney who is not a real estate expert? Would you trust someone who dabbles in real estate, or someone who is a part-time Realtor? Believe it or not, 85% of all buyers hire the first Realtor they talk to with no interview, no due diligence, and they do not know what qualifications a real estate expert should have.

Real Estate Expert

Real Estate Expert

What could happen if you try to buy a home without a real estate expert? Since I was a real estate attorney for 20 years, I can actually tell you what happens when buyers are not well represented. There’s a reason there are so many attorneys in this country, and there’s a reason they make so much money. I recall a couple telling me their buyer’s agent didn’t advise them to get a home inspection, and they ended up with a nightmare after closing. Their agent didn’t know the importance of a home inspection. The truth is, most agents are not real estate experts. Most consider themselves sales persons with basic real estate knowledge.

Another agent missed the deadline for a well inspection response, and the well turned out to be contaminated. That meant the buyers lost their earnest money. A couple decided to buy a 100 year old farm house, but their agent lacked expertise on the need to have the electrical panel and wiring checked out by an electrician. It was too late when they discovered they had to do a complete rewire of the whole house at a huge expense. Unfortunately, their agent was not a real estate expert.

A buyer relied on her agent to give her advice about the seller’s disclosure statement, but the agent missed the red flag, and the buyer had to replace the heat pump at a cost of several thousand dollars. There are so many things that can and often do go wrong in a real estate transaction, but until it happens to you, you may not realize the need for a real estate expert. You might think you can just hire any Tom, Dick, or Jane to help you buy a home. You might get lucky and everything might go smoothly, but do you really want to rely on luck with so much of your hard earned money?

Real Estate Expert Credentials

If you wanted to hire a real estate expert to represent you as your buyer’s agent in the state of Washington, what would you look for? Here you have to be a bit cautious, because in the sales business, many agents will give you the answers you want to hear, so you need discernment, but you also need to know what kind of credentials your buyer’s agent should have, and you need to know how to do your due diligence. Have you heard the phrase, “Buyer beware?” Well, when it comes to buying something as expensive as a home, the warning is still good advice after 2,000 years.

By the way, be very careful about hiring a Realtor simply based on a referral by a neighbor, a friend, or someone in your Church or your favorite club. People are quick to give their brother’s name to someone else (or their best friend’s name), but that can be as bad as it could be good. Read “Real Estate Referrals: Blessing or Curse?”

I would encourage you to do your research before you decide on a buyer’s agent. Do your due diligence on me. I welcome it. Read more of my real estate blog articles (there are over 2,000), read some of my real estate books, watch my Sequim real estate videos for buyers, take a look at the real estate training site linked to the image above, use one of my three Sequim MLS sites, and interview me yourself. Whomever you hire as your buyer’s agent, make sure for your own sake that you hire a genuine real estate expert.

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This Sequim Real Estate Blog is by far the largest local real estate blog in Sequim and possibly the largest on the Olympic Peninsula with over 2,000 articles written for buyers. At the end of each year, I like to share some of our most popular articles for the calendar year.

Sequim Real Estate

Sequim Real Estate Articles

It’s no surprise that our most popular article is itself packed full of powerful resources for buyers and has been read over 1,300 times during 2016 by almost 300,000 visitors to this Sequim Real Estate Blog. [Total hits on our blog were over 3.8 million.]

#1 Sequim Real Estate: 10 Powerful Buyer Resources

#2 Your Closing Date May Be a Moving Target (a surprisingly popular article)

#3 Sequim Real Estate and Private Well Issues

#4 The Double Contingency

#5 Blizzards, Tornadoes, and Floods (But Not in Sequim)

#6 How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home in Sequim?

I certainly hope you enjoys these articles, but don’t stop with these six. You can search any subject on Sequim real estate, and you’re likely to find an article that answers your specific question. You see, I’ve been answering the questions that people moving to Sequim have been asking for two decades.

BONUS: There are two other articles that have been unusually popular, even though they are older articles. The first has 15 comments, and some of them are quite angry. Their comments only affirm the gist of the article. The article is entitled Who Should I Hire First–Architect or Builder? The other article is also garnering a lot of interest around the State of Washington (16 comments), and it is about how loans are being turned down because of a ridiculous government regulation. The article is entitled Private Road Maintenance Agreements.

architects and private road maintenance

3 Ways to Search Sequim Real Estate

You can search in 3 ways. First, you can simply type in a word or phrase in our powerful search box, and all articles on that subject with appear. You’ll find our search box on the home page in the right margin, and it looks like this. You can click on this image, and it will take you to the search page.

Find Sequim Real Estate

Second, you can use our incredible drop down menu on the home page, and you’ll see all the major categories people like to search. When you pull up a category, it gives you all the articles on that subject. In some cases, that will mean over a dozen articles on a single question you want to get answered. Just hover your mouse over the links at the top of the home page, like “Buyers”, “Sellers”, “Sequim”, “Real Estate Books”, “Buyer’s Guide”, and “Seller’s Guide”.

Third, you can find many of these articles and many of our other online resources for buyers with a simple Google search. We have optimized more articles, photos, and videos for the search engines than any other single brokerage in our market. But the most direct path to getting your answers is to use our search box above. 

Of course, we also have the most accurate, most powerful, and easiest Sequim MLS site to navigate at Sequim Real Estate MLS.

Wishing all our readers and future clients a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2017. Now you know the most effect way to search for your Sequim real estate.

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Sequim Real Estate Prediction for 2017

What will happen to the Sequim real estate market this coming year? What will prices do? What will the Sequim inventory look like? What about land prices? How much will interest rates go up? My Sequim real estate prediction for 2017 is an educated view of what the Sequim real estate market will be like this coming year, especially under a Trump administration.

Sequim Real Estate

Sequim Real Estate Prices and Inventory

The Sequim real estate market bottomed out about a year and a half ago, and it’s been slowly improving since then. Prices have been creeping upward, and most homes are selling at the listed price as long as it is fair market value. The inventory of homes retirees want has been reduced to a crisis level. [Read Sequim Real Estate Inventory and Sequim Home Inventory written over 3 years ago]. People are starting to build homes again, because they cannot find a suitable home in the existing inventory. Prices have not increased as much as they should have based on the economic formulas of supply and demand in the Sequim real estate market.

Sequim Real Estate and Mortgage Rates

We’ve all known that mortgage rates would be going up, and we’ve known that for several years. [Read Mortgage Interest Rates Going Up written in 2013.] We’ve seen a recent bump in interest rates, and as of today the 30 year fixed rate is at 4.18%. You can check on interest rates for 30-year, 15-year, and ARMs at the bottom right of this Sequim Real Estate search page.

Sequim Real Estate Prediction for 2017

Here is my logical prediction for the Sequim real estate market this coming year. While interest rates got a recent bump in anticipation of Janet Yellen’s announcement of a quarter point increase and 3 more likely increases in 2017, I think it is highly likely with a growing and healthy economy that we will see the 30-year fixed rate at 4.75% by the end of 2017.

With respect to the Sequim real estate inventory, it will continue to shrink and new spec homes will not replace them fast enough. This is a small market, and local  builders cannot afford to build out large numbers of spec homes for future sales. That means almost all new homes are custom homes started only after you sign a contract with a builder. Then you can expect a construction timeline extending about 8 months out. That assumes you’ve already purchased a vacant lot for your home and drilled a well and put in a septic system (unless you’re on municipal utilities).

Because of the low inventory, prices will continue to slowly increase over 2017. I anticipate that by the end of 2017, home prices will increase by 5% from today (Dec 2016). Because more new homes will be built, land will start to sell again here, which means a steady increase in prices on vacant land.

Increased mortgage rates and a 5% increase in home prices in 2017 will affect some buyers’ ability to purchase their ideal home, but for buyers who will pay in cash, they will have an advantage among buyers. And there will be more competition for homes, so the buyer who finds their ideal home will probably lose it to a more assertive buyer who gets an agreement signed with the seller. Remember, you will have plenty of time to do your due diligence with a home inspection and other inspections once you have a signed agreement with a seller. Days or weeks of research prior to even making an offer is going to be a sure way to lose the home to another buyer in a market like this.

Some are concerned about a Trump Presidency, but his background bodes well for the Sequim real estate market. He certainly understands real estate and the mortgage business, more so than any president in my lifetime. If he can implement his promises for an improved job market, a tax code and regulatory environment more conducive to businesses, we may see an economy that does grow by 4% in 2017. No matter what your political persuasion, a Trump Presidency is going to be a good thing for the Sequim real estate market in 2017. Already, nearly everyone on both sides of the aisle are surprised at the records being set in consumer sentiment, home builder sentiment, and the financial markets. The Dow is up 8.6%, the NASDAQ is up 4.8%, the S&P 500 is up 5.6%, and the Russell 2000 is up 14%, and all this since the election. Excluding weekends and holidays, that’s only 35 days. Never have the pundits and naysayers been so wrong as they were this year. We’re a long way from the vibrant Sequim real estate market of 2005, but I anticipate a healthy 2017.

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Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Things are not always what they seem. This is true in real estate, but it’s true everywhere in life, and the older and wiser we get, the more we see this play out all around us. I’ll point out a few examples to emphasize how important this is for you and me, but the goal of this article is to help you avoid traps for the unwary when you buy a home in the Sequim area, or Port Angeles or Port Townsend. 

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

I quoted the short version, but the full quote goes like this: “Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”  Phaedrus

Let me set the stage. Have you seen a TV commercial promoting a pillow that sounds too good to be true? Even the price sounds fantastic when you hear that you get the second pillow free. So you call, but you find out the actual price is $180 for two pillows. You can buy one, but it will be the same price. But if you use the promo code, the price is ONLY $90. But not really. A set of two pillow cases is $50. But with the promo code that is reduced to $25. You wanted to buy one pillow for yourself, and what you find out is that you get two and the regular price is a total of $230. Plus shipping. But they tell you if you order now and use the special promo code, you get this incredible bargain. 

You say to yourself, “You know what? I can go buy a good pillow at Costco for $28 to $38,” and you would be right. The reminder is that sales people on TV and everywhere will pitch their product and make it sound so doggone irresistible, but things are not always what they seem.

Awards are another example. How many times have you seen a car advertisement boasting that their model has received the J.D. Power & Associates award, and they obviously intend us to be impressed by that award. The truth is car companies have to pay substantial fees to J.D. Power & Associates to be included in the studies and get the reports, and if they want to boast that they received this award, they have to pay J.D. Power another $300,000. Things are not always what they seem. So much for the credibility of the award. It’s just another sales gimmick to fool consumers.

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Realtors and home builders can get prestigious awards, too, but we also have to pay for them. I was awarded a prestigious Realtor award only given to the top 7% of Realtors in the entire Seattle area. I was quite pleased, but then after the award notification, they informed me the key to taking advantage of the award was to give them $4,000 to buy a half page add in Seattle Magazine. In other words, the entire business is to sell expensive advertising. The awards are just a front. Things are not always what the seem.

If you don’t know these things, you might be fooled when a sales person boasts about their awards. Understand that awards today are almost always bought. So are certificates. All those initials that Realtors have after their names were bought and paid for at expensive seminars. Entire industries are created for the sole purpose of creating false images all to sell smoke and mirrors to consumers and to make a sales person sound better than he or she really is.

The less knowledge, experience, and wisdom a sales person has, the more they need the smoke and mirrors, the more they need lots of initials after their name, and the more they need certificates and awards. Otherwise you would see right through them, and you wouldn’t be impressed, which means you wouldn’t hire them. May I say it again? Things are not always what they seem.

When you look at an MLS data sheet with photos online in search of your perfect home, are you getting an accurate representation of the home? When you get the seller’s disclosure statement, is it 100% accurate? When you work through the due diligence on your prospective home, maybe you would do well to pause and recall that things are not always what they seem on the surface.

The single most important thing you need when you visit a new area of the country like Sequim, Washington, intending to buy what may be your last home, is someone who is absolutely trustworthy. Do you know how to find that trustworthy Realtor? I hope so, because I can assure you . . . things are not always what they seem.

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Sequim Condo

This Sequim condo is the most popular floor plan preferred by couples moving to Sequim. With a modern kitchen, open floor plan, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, this is the perfect retirement home according to a lot of people. Check out these photos [Sequim Condo], and you might also enjoy this 3 dimensional virtual tour below where you can walk through this Sequim condo. Use your mouse button or the arrows on your keyboard to walk through this home.

Sequim Condo 3 Dimensional Tour

Sequim Condo

This Sequim condo is a custom townhouse with Silestone countertops in kitchen, twice the kitchen outlets you normally see, an upgraded range with a warming oven, a custom chandelier with a handcrafted Tray ceiling, tile floors in the entry and kitchen, tile countertops in the laundry and bathrooms, and a huge tile shower in the master. This Sequim condo is in North Sunland. Sunland amenities include community beach access, tennis, a clubhouse, and a pool and RV parking. There were many extras built into this condo. It’s a Green Built home with custom blinds, natural solid wood throughout, and an extra large concrete patio. There’s also a greenbelt in the back with privacy. 

Condos aren’t for everyone, but if you like the idea, check out this Sequim condo.

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  • First Frost in Sequim

    This morning we had our first frost in Sequim. It’s a beautiful sunny day with hardly any clouds in the sky. It was very early this morning when I heard my Sequim weather station tell me the temperature outside had reached 32 degrees. That didn’t last long. The temperature went up to 40 degrees shortly after the sun began to melt the frost on the blades of grass in my yard.

    First Frost in Sequim

    First Frost in Sequim

    First Frost in Sequim December 6th

    We’re in December, and it’s finally getting cold. Of course, cold for Sequim in the winter is a quick dip to freezing in the early morning hours, and so today was the first frost in Sequim. I love it. The yards and fields are all bright green as you can see in this photo above. The grass hardly grows during the coldest months of December and January, but since this is the wet time of year, the grass turns a bright green and stays that way all the way into the summer.

    It’s hard to predict the precise date that will give us the first frost in Sequim. People ask me, “What are winters like in Sequim?” I usually say something like, “Which winter?,” because it seems every winter is a little different. We haven’t had snow in Sequim for three or four years. When we do get snow, it’s usually a couple of inches and melts within hours, but since we rarely see it, it is fun for a short time. With a little luck, maybe we’ll have a white Christmas.

    Because our winters are mostly in the 50s, and our summers are mostly in the 60s, we have an incredibly mild climate without those darn cold extremes of the midwest or the east coast, and we don’t suffer the hot extremes of the south. I sold homes to couples from Virginia and Pennsylvania recently, and they both reminded me of how humid the heat can be on the east coast.

    Our first frost in Sequim reminded me of how mild our Sequim weather really is. What a beautiful day for a walk with my dog.

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  • Sequim MLS Hot Links

    Sequim MLS hot links help buyers find special properties easily and quickly. I created the Sequim MLS hot links for the most popular searches, and these links save you the time of trying to set up a unique search with Sequim MLS parameters that are sometimes hard to set up based on the Olympic Listing Service MLS data fields. Unless you’re a Realtor, you won’t have access to the data fields in our MLS, so setting up special searches can be hard. So I’ve done it for you.

    Sequim MLS Hot Links

    Sequim MLS Hot Links: A Buyer’s Key

    Sequim MLS Hot Links Find Unique Properties

    How do you find all the horse properties in Clallam County (Sequim and Port Angeles and beyond)? How do you instantly find all Sequim waterfront properties, or homes with shops or barns? How do you find all Sequim foreclosures with the click of a mouse button? Or how can you pull up all the log homes for sale? The answer is Sequim MLS hot links.

    You can just bookmark this article and use the Sequim hot links above, or you can always find these links on the number one Sequim MLS site, on any of the secondary pages on that site. In other words, these links are not on the home page, but they are on all the other pages. 

    By the way, these links are always “hot”. This means they are always the latest active Sequim MLS listings in each of these categories. I created these links because buyers wanted them and use them all the time. I think you’ll like Sequim MLS hot links.

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  • Sequim Guest House + Shop

    It’s hard to find a home plus a Sequim guest house plus a shop only a few miles from downtown Sequim, especially on a beautiful lot in a quiet area with privacy. This is a property I just had to write about, because you will rarely find a property like this in the Sequim area. It’s not perfect, because it needs some work, but if you can either do the work yourself or are willing to hire someone to do it, you will get a one-of-a-kind property at a bargain price.

    Sequim Guest House

    The Main Home (plus Sequim Guest House)

    The main home is 2,500 sq.ft. with 3 bedrooms (on the 2nd floor), 2.5 baths, and an attached 2 car garage. This home is vintage 1979, so the kitchen needs a major upgrade and the hardwood floors need to be refinished. I suspect you would replace carpet, too. In addition the roof has a lot of mildew on it, and the back deck is collapsed and needs to be totally replaced. It’s possible the wood shingles on the roof need to be replaced. How did the maintenance get so far behind on this home? The husband passed away years ago, and his widow lived alone for many years until she passed away recently, so this is an estate sale.

    The Sequim Guest House

    A nice Sequim guest house is hard to find in this market, and this guest house is very impressive. Unlike the main house that needs upgrading and maintenance, the guest house is move-in ready, and with over 1,000 sq.ft. the huge living room and gorgeous kitchen are more than comfortable for a couple.

    Sequim Guest House

    The Shop – The Big Bonus (Adjacent to Sequim Guest House)

    When you look at the photos, you’ll see how cool this shop is. High ceiling, super bright shop lights, and heating and ventilation equipment. The high shop door also means a motor home would have a warm home. In addition to the shop, there is a large double garage beneath the guest house. And the shop also has a kitchen and a bathroom.

    You can look at photos of all of this at Sequim Shop + Sequim Guest House. The listing price is $425,000 for 2 acres plus the main house plus the guest house plus the shop. In my opinion, the guest house and shop alone are worth well over $250,000. If you’re in the market for a spacious home plus a guest house and a shop, maybe you should call me now at 360-775-5424. Our inventory is very low of late, and the right home listed at the right price is selling fairly quickly at full listing price. That doesn’t mean that will happen to this property, but I share that to emphasize that if this is your property, you probably don’t have all the time in the world. Someone is likely to ask me to draft an offer on this property fairly quickly. 

    Looking for a Sequim guest house and a shop?


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    Sequim Storms

    Sequim storms are rare, but we have some incredible online tools now to see the exact weather in real time, including the wind and the height of waves at any point you place your mouse on the map. We are in the winter months now, so Sequim storms are more likely for the next couple of months. You’ll love this new site which is the most powerful one I’ve found at Sequim Storms.

    Sequim Storms

    Sequim Storms on a Map

    About a month ago we received a weather warning regarding Sequim storms, and the report stated that the storm could be worse than any storm since 1962. I made sure I had extra water supplies at home as well as food to last in case we had a terrible storm. I used the map above to look at the wind and waves on the Pacific side of the Olympic Peninsula, and also to see what was coming down over Sequim from the Olympic Mountains. I could even measure the height of waves on th Strait just north of the Sequim shoreline. Guess what? The great storm missed Sequim, although it hit all around us, including the Oregon and Washington Pacific shorelines, and even Tacoma and into Canada across the Strait. As I’ve said before, bad Sequim storms are really quite rare.

    Sequim Storms

    You can use this weather site above [Sequim Storms] to look at weather patterns, waves, temperatures, and wind anywhere in the world. Don’t you love the technologies available to us on the Internet?

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  • Another Day in Sequim (aka Paradise)

    It’s another day in Sequim, and I am loving it. This morning I awoke early and enjoyed a cup of coffee and some fresh air on my Sequim property as I walked around my two and a half acres with my dog, Titus. It was a chilly but invigorating morning, and as I always do, I deeply inhaled the pristine air that gently blows across my property directly from the ocean (or the Strait of Juan de Fuca which becomes the Pacific Ocean).

    Another Day in Sequim

    The sun was rising and I felt like I was looking at a painting as I looked south to the panoramic view I have of the Olympic Mountains. Bright rays of sun glistened through the trees across my property, and the fields and trees in the distance were beautiful with autumn colors. The sun was still rising, and the bright snow capped mountains really did look like a gorgeous painting. But it’s just another day in Sequim.

    Another Day in Sequim

    The lower water level in the irrigation pond on the southern end of my land is showing signs that winter is coming. As I sipped on my hot cup of gourmet coffee, leaning on the white fence built by the prior owners to keep horses, a flock of geese flew over my head singing that winter is coming in their own cacophonous way. Another day in Sequim.

    By mid-morning it was already 47 degrees. Winters are mostly in the high 40s and 50s, and summers are mostly in the 60s and 70s. I jumped in my car and checked on a brand new condominium unit I recently sold to some clients, and after that I stopped at Starbucks for a double short latte extra hot and a blueberry scone. Savoring my scone and coffee, I couldn’t resist writing this article expressing my delight with living in Sequim. I love it here, and I have for 22 years. But then again, I count my blessings every day. Sequim is a happy place to live.

    Another Day in Sequim

    I could go on and on about Sequim and what an incredible climate we have, what it’s like to live in one of nature’s most beautiful places on the face of the earth, or I could talk about how safe it is to live here, how there is very little traffic . . . ever . . ., and I could go on an on about the delightful and interesting people who live here. But I won’t. I’ll let you search out articles on these subjects on this real estate blog, and there are over 2,000 such articles. 

    For now, I just want to say, “It’s another day in Sequim,” or as I often say to myself, “Another day in Paradise.” Same thing.

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    Sequim Home Prices Compared to Other Areas

    Sequim home prices are fairly reasonable compared to many areas of the country. We are probably in the middle when it comes to the price of a three bedroom, two bath home. Here are three homes in three areas of the country from the cheapest homes prices to the most expensive home prices.

    Dublin Georgia Home Prices

    Home Prices

    For $65,000, you could have this Dublin, Georgia home. The deep south has some areas where home prices are incredibly low. But as we say in real estate, “Location is everything.” Do you want to live in Georgia, or would you prefer an even climate in the Northwest like Sequim, Washington?

    San Francisco Home Prices

    San Francisco Home Prices

    San Francisco is expensive, and this ugly home is $1,200,000. Egad! No thank you. Enough  said about home prices in southern California.

    Sequim Home Prices

    Home Prices

    Alas, we’re back in Sequim, and I sold this home for $235,000. By the way, this home has a water view, which the others do not. So Sequim home prices are in the middle of the road compared to other markets across the country, but Sequim has what so many retirees want–a mild climate without temperature extremes, only 16 inches of rain per year (one-third that of Seattle), and extraordinary beauty in nature as Sequim is located between the gorgeous Olympic Mountains and the pristine Strait of Juan de Fuca. We’re probably lucky home prices in Sequim are not much higher.

    Our inventory has shrunk recently, but you can search the entire Sequim home MLS at this site at

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    What Does President Trump Mean for Real Estate?

    President Trump. Who would have thought it was possible? Granted, there were many who hoped and many who did not want HRC to get in the White House, but honestly, who genuinely felt a President Trump was even possible? Very few. He had nearly everything going against him, except apparently American voters. But now that this election has been resolved and in January there will be a President Trump, what does that mean for the housing market and real estate in general?

    President Trump

    President Trump and Housing

    As expected, the news late on election night that The Donald might become President Trump translated into a substantial drop in overnight trading in the Globex markets internationally. But as expected, this dramatic drop was temporary, and already today stocks and indexes, commodities, and currencies are up to where they were. But what does a President Trump mean for the future of home sales and the real estate market and economy?

    By way of establishing some credibility with my readers on this subject, I have a degree in Economics with a speciality in monetary policy, a law degree and 20 years of real estate law practice, have been a registered financial advisor and certified estate planner when I was still practicing law, and I have a lifetime of business development and entrepreneurship. For the past 11 years I have run my own real estate brokerage.

    President Trump and Economics

    So here is my prediction of how a President Trump will impact the housing market, prices, and construction. Economically his policies as discussed in their preliminary planning are pro-growth for the construction, home building, and home sales sectors. While the man may not be an articulate politician, he certainly understands real estate. You cannot make billions of dollars in real estate unless you’re one of the best and most knowledgeable real estate experts in the world.

    He understands the need for home ownership. He knows about how home ownership among the middle class was devastated in the real estate and mortgage meltdown. He understands that economic growth, jobs, and home ownership all go hand-in-hand. Whatever personal character faults the man has, he does have the real life experience of creating jobs that virtually no other president has ever had. He also understands the mortgage business and how interest rates and the cost of building supplies effect the home industry.

    How he performs in International politics and social programs in the U.S. remains to be seen, but on the subject of home ownership, home prices, and the future of the real estate market, I think a President Trump is good news for buyers and sellers. I believe that buyers who have held off on making the decision to buy a home because of the uncertainty of this election, are now going to make their plans to buy their home, especially retirees who have been waiting for resolution. I think we may all be surprised at the positive impact a President Trump will have on the real estate market.

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    Sequim Bluffs and Insurance

    Sequim bluffs run for miles along the beaches, and many homes have been built on low, medium, and high bluffs over the past half century. I’ve written extensively about Sequim bluffs and bluff stability in prior articles [Sequim Bluffs]. I also produced a video that shows you some major sloughing of Sequim bluffs and explains the issues of concern [Bluff Stability].

    Sequim Bluffs

    There is a home close to the edge at the top of this bluff (not visible).

    Sequim Bluffs and Earthquakes

    Many of my buyers retiring to the Sequim area express their concern about the “big one,” especially those looking at property along a bluff. Living on the west coast anywhere raises the question about when the next big earthquake will happen. But even as I write this, there was a recent earthquake in Oklahoma and one in Kentucky. If we do have the big one on this side of the country, I suspect we’re all in trouble on the West Coast, not just those of us living on the Olympic Peninsula.

    Sequim Bluffs and Insurance

    While you may not decide to buy a home on a bluff that is too close for comfort, you may still want to know the answer to the question, “Does homeowner insurance cover a home that is damaged by slippage or even totally destroyed by going over a bluff?” 

    The default answer is “no.” But this requires an explanation. You would be covered if an earthquake damaged or destroyed your home on an unstable bluff, provided you purchased the additional earthquake coverage. That coverage is relatively inexpensive, about $200 per year.

    But if a home is damaged or totally destroyed on a bluff for reasons other than an earthquake (rain and storms and sloughing), you would not be covered unless you paid for very expensive additional coverage, and few people do that because of the cost.

    In either case, if your home is condemned, damaged, or totally destroyed, you may be responsible yourself for demolition and removal of the home, whether it is at the top of the bluff, halfway down, or on the beach. Looking at real estate on Sequim bluffs requires some serious due diligence and careful consideration. As I’ve studied Sequim bluffs, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many homes that are precariously perched on unstable bluffs, and unfortunately, the majority of these homeowners are probably not covered by full earthquake and bluff stability insurance.

    Having said all of this, there are many areas where the bluffs are very stable, and the water views are just stunning, and I have many very happy clients living the retirement of their dreams high up on one of our Sequim bluffs.


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    Buying a Home Out of Town

    Buying a home out of town is something worth thinking about before you arrive in Sequim or Port Angeles or Port Townsend. How far out of town are you willing to live? What if your number one home is 15 minutes from downtown Sequim? What if the home with a water view that stirs your soul is 15 minutes west of Port Angeles? What would you do?

    Buying a Home Out of Town

    Buying a Home Out of Town and Shopping

    Convenience is an important consideration when it comes to buying a home out of town, and the further out you are, the longer the drive to the grocery store, Costco, Home Depot, WalMart, or the pharmacy. I realize I’m saying the obvious, but the reason it is worth thinking about is because some of the most incredible homes are further out on the concentric circles from our urban centers.

    Sometimes a home further from town is also on the side of a mountain or high enough to have an extraordinary water view of International waters. That can also mean a steep road or driveway. We don’t get snow very often, and we can go for years without any snow, but snow and ice can happen. This is a consideration for most buyers, but even Bell Hill in Sequim has some incredibly steep roads and driveways.

    Buying a Home Out of Town and Price

    There is an advantage for buyers who are willing to drive 15 or more minutes to town. Can you guess what that advantage is? If you’re thinking price, you are right. As you get further out of town, price goes down. It’s a matter of supply and demand. Buyers who want to be close to shopping have to pay more for homes in higher demand. Buying a home out of town means lower demand and lower prices. A gorgeous home right in town with a great water view that sells for $750,000 might sell for $625,000 just 18 minutes out of town. That’s a $125,000 difference.

    How far would you be willing to drive to save a lot of money? Maybe the only home you really love would mean buying a home out of town? It’s something worth thinking about. Buying a home out of town.


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    Election Year Slows Home Buying

    This election year has substantially slowed down home buying in the Sequim area (including Port Angeles and Port Townsend). A presidential election year typically has a brief negative impact on home buying in retirement areas, and Sequim and Port Townsend are major retirement areas for residents from all over the U.S. But this election year in particular has had a huge impact on home buying. Here is what is happening in this small real estate market this election year.

    Election Year

    Election Year and Home Buying

    When we experience major economic effects, like a big slow down in home sales, the cause is rarely one thing. We often find the answer in a combination of contributing factors. Election year is one factor, albeit a major factor, that has caused buyers to postpone their home buying decision in an area like Sequim.

    The slowed pace of home sales can be attributed to these factors, and each of them are significant, but combine them, and you have a substantial impact on home sales.

    First, this is probably the most tension filled presidential election year in our lifetimes, and it is extremely contentious, and the future of our freedom and the foundation of this nation hinges on the outcome. No matter who you plan to vote for, everyone agrees on the importance of this election year. With so much uncertainty, buyers’ default position is to postpone their home buying plans until after the election, and perhaps after the new year when the dust has settled.

    Second, the inventory of homes retirees want in the Sequim area is so low, it is at a crisis level. Buyers are having a hard time finding the home of their dreams, because there are so few in the MLS (multiple listing service). This clearly inhibits home sales.

    Third, retirees around the country are worried about our economy and their retirement mutual funds, because there are rumors of rumors of a massive stock market bubble that is about to pop. Who knows whether there is any truth to that, but the concern adds to the uncertainty that people already are feeling.

    Fourth, retirees always slow down or postpone their home buying decisions as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

    Election Year Good News

    There is good news this election year for home buyers in the Sequim market. You have an advantage if you are coming to look at homes in Sequim between now and the end of the year, because many buyers are staying away. For those who stay away, the home they dreamed of buying will be sold to those who do dare to come to Sequim despite all the uncertainties of life and despite this crazy election year. Wait until spring, and the home you have been watching on the MLS will almost certainly be sold.

    The best homes in the best areas are selling now, and there are not very many of them in this current inventory crisis. Use me as a resource to gather information until you come. Email, call, or text. It may be a crazy election year, but I’m still working hard for buyers making their plans to retire in Sequim.

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  • Fair market value is the true value of a home, and when you buy a home, clearly you don’t want to pay more than fair market value. That may be an obvious statement, but what is not so obvious is how to know the fair market value of the home you want to buy. When you discuss drafting an offer with your buyer’s agent, you’ve got to be very good at figuring out what the true fair market value is (or at least your Realtor needs to have that skill).

    Fair Market Value

    Fair Market Value and the Comparative Market Analysis

    In a large market, like Tacoma or Seattle, you will have thousands of homes in the multiple listing service (MLS) inventory, and you will also have hundreds of sales every month. A 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,800 square foot home in a middle class neighborhood will be easy to analyze. There will be dozens, if not hundreds, of homes that are almost identical and which sold in the last six months, and so coming up with an accurate fair market value is easy, and it’s easy to identify the average time period it takes to sell a similar home.

    But in a very small market with a small inventory and a small number of buyers arriving to look at homes, many homes in the Sequim inventory do not have comps. In other words, there may be no homes recently sold like the one you want to buy, so fair market value cannot be calculated with any certainty. The math can get a little fuzzy when you don’t have comparable sales.

    Fair Market Value and Your Offer

    Even professional appraisers don’t have any magic wands in a market lacking comparable sales data. One has to be a bit cautious on this subject, because some sellers and some listing agents may think they know the fair market value, but they may just be guessing. On the other hand, there may be a particular house that does have 5 or 6 good comps, and then fair market value is easier to understand.

    When you discuss drafting an offer, discuss value from a number of perspectives with your buyer’s agent, because your offer should be no higher than fair market value.

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  • Search Sequim Blog

    Chuck E. Marunde, J.D.

    Sequim Buyer's Agent (Atty Ret.)
    Founder and Broker of
    Sequim & Port Angeles Real Estate dba iRealty Virtual Brokers
    435 W. Bell St. Suite A, Sequim, WA
    (360) 775-5424

    From Los Angeles

    It's rare, but once in awhile life provides the perfect collaborator for an important endeavor such as buying your new home. For me that person was Chuck Marunde. His two decade background as a Real Estate Attorney, his prolific career as an author of articles and books on Real Estate and his forthright and moral character made choosing Chuck a no-brainer. Chuck is dedicated, thorough, incredible at the negotiating table, knowledgeable about all local laws & regs but, most importantly, Chuck loves what he does. And what he does is find his client the perfect property. Chuck isn't about making the sale, he's about making the sale that is OPTIMUM for his CLIENT and this makes Chuck a rare bird indeed. I love my new home in Sequim and I am indebted to Chuck for making it happen. Kevin E.

    From Seattle

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chuck over the past three years in selling my parent's estate. It was a tough time to sell during the housing recession, but Chuck always kept things on the positive side. With his real estate law background, he offers sound, practical advice. He helps you along with the process using discussions and reason, rather than opinions and speculations. If Chuck doesn’t know the answers, he will get them for you. In several instances, Chuck took the initiative to meet with county officials to get up-to-date facts about zoning and regulations. I was always impressed with his company’s tech savvy communi-cations and internet presence: weekly email updates, blogs, videos, links, Linked-in networking, etc. He is truly pioneering the future of buying & selling real estate. Brian M.

    From Florida

    We do our homework for the task at hand and we look for and expect to enlist partners that do the same. It was our good fortune to select Chuck Marunde of Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate to represent us as a buyer's broker in our search for a home in the Sequim/Port Angeles area. Chuck's site is all encompassing and super fast compared to many others, he knows the market at every conceivable level and his guidance through the process of selecting and purchasing a home is priceless - above and beyond that of anyone with whom we have ever worked. Add to all this his 20 year background in real estate law and you have discovered a superb asset in the adventure of purchasing a home. Greg and Marilyn

    From Gilroy California

    As an out of state buyer unfamiliar with the area, it was important to me not only to have a real estate agent who knew the area well, but also one who knew the value of the properties. I chose Chuck because he is also a real estate lawyer and it is reassuring to have that extra degree working for you. I selected the houses I was interested in on line before taking a two day trip to Sequim to look at them in person. I sent my list to Chuck, who gave me feedback, then organized our tour so we could see 16 properties in a short time. He was very accommodating, driving me all over Sequim, and rescheduling appointments when we fell behind on our time. On day two, I found my home and we drafted an offer on it that evening. By the time I arrived back home on the plane the next evening, my offer had been accepted. Chuck was honest about what it would take to get me into my new home, while having my back the entire transaction. Since I was unable to relocate immediately after closing, he and his assistant Ade, have been taking care of many additional responsibilities for me. He was a pleasure to work with. Chris D.

    From Corona California

    The best decision I made, once I settled on Sequim as the ideal place to spend the rest of my days, was to hook up with Chuck Marunde as my broker/go-to guy. He happily took on the entire complicated merry-go-round associated with a long distance move that involved selling in Southern California (with a different agent) and buying in Sequim – all in the span of just over a month. The unexpectedly quick sale of my previous home was already a week into a 30 day escrow when I got to Sequim for my house hunt. We had two days to find my slice of heaven. And day one was less than stellar, each home having at least one major issue. The killer was the dream home that turned out to be an unmitigated disaster once we got inside. I was crushed. Chuck had his work cut out for him that night. And he worked his magic. On day two there was one beautiful possibility, but not quite right. Suffice to say, in the early afternoon we pulled into a driveway and the first words out of my mouth were “That’s my house.” 29 days later I took possession of my new home. Every sale has its issues, but throwing in the complications of a short escrow on top of 1200 miles of separation from all documentation, etc. gives new meaning to “challenging”. Thanks to his encyclopedic knowledge coupled with a great sense of humor, Chuck was able to keep me on an even keel when things got dicey. He knows when to step in and when to let it evolve. I cannot imagine making this move without him. Rebecca B.
    Sequim Real Estate

    From Bakersfield California

    "During the months of February and March 2012, Chuck showed my wife and I over two dozen homes from Port Angeles to Port Townsend. We found Chuck to be very helpful, friendly and courteous. With Chuck there is no pressure; It is all about finding the best home for the buyer. As a Buyer's Agent, Chuck will give you his honest opinion of a property, including a fair market price. In one instance Chuck wrote up an offer for us which was accepted. Chuck was very helpful arranging for home and well inspections which involved multiple trips to the property. Unfortunately, escrow failed to close when, during the home inspection process, it was determined that a septic system repair was needed which the seller was unwilling/unable to make. We will continue to work with Chuck as there is no better Buyer's Agent on the North Olympic" Bert and Sally
    Sequim Real Estate Q&A

    From Los Alamos New Mexico

    "Over a year ago, during a visit to the Olympic Game Farm, we developed what we eventually called the “Sequim Syndrome.” We live in New Mexico and decided Sequim was where we wanted to live in retirement. On our second visit to Sequim, we met with Chuck and asked him to help us. Chuck's web site provides such amazing search capabilities. Chuck's site also contains a 1000 blog postings and a real estate video series detailing buying real estate in Sequim. We bought Chuck's book about Sequim real estate and set out to follow his advice carrying on an ongoing email and phone conversation with Chuck. Doing our due diligence “Marunde style” and using his MLS search site, we came up with about 50 homes that met our needs. We narrowed the list down to 15 properties that best met our needs. We came back to Sequim a third time with our list in hand, and Chuck spent two days with us showing us all the homes on our list. Not only did Chuck help us find that dream home, he spent time to educate us about the quality of construction, fair market values of various properties, home layouts, and the joys of Sequim living. We had a great time as we traveled from house to house. By mid afternoon of the second day, my wife said we had found “the house.” Chuck helped us draft our offer and sent our offer to the seller's agent. It turned out there was a second offer made on the property at the same time. Chuck's help to make a clean offer paid off. At breakfast two days later, we got a call from Chuck saying our offer had been accepted by the sellers. We are now back home in New Mexico. Chuck attends every inspection on our behalf, updating us at every turn by email and phone. Our dream home is becoming a reality because of Chuck and because we were smart enough to follow his advice. We absolutely would NOT have been able to do this without Chuck Marunde's expertise and enthusiasm. We recommend Chuck to everyone planning a move to Sequim, Port Angeles, or anywhere on the Olympic Peninsula. Chuck is a gold mine of information and expertise for home buyers everywhere, not just on the Olympic" Larry and Shirley
    Sequim Real Estate Bookstore

    From Sun Lakes Arizona

    "We are ex-Washington residents who currently live in Arizona. We had been searching the Puget Sound area four years for a waterfront property to build a retirement home when we first contacted Chuck Marunde through his website. We had made multiple trips to various areas but most of the Realtors we contacted simply sent us an email, provided no follow up and did next to nothing to help us locate a property. On our first trip to Port Angeles, after connecting with Chuck, we purchased our dream property. We now own a high bank waterfront lot overlooking the Straight of Jaun de Fuca, and are excited to become part of the Peninsula community." Paul and Linda

    From California

    "Andy Romano is a successful motion picture character actor with over 40 years in 'the Biz.' Mr. Romano has a home in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, but he chooses to live most of the time in Sequim, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula in the great Pacific Northwest. Why? In his own words, 'Because it's even more beautiful and surrounded by more beauty in this incredibly peaceful and quiet place. With respect to real estate agents or brokers, well my friend Chuck Marunde, owner of Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate, is hands down the best there" Andy R.

    From Sequim

    I’ve known Chuck Marunde for several years. My wife and I bought and sold one house through his services, and now have another listed through him for sale. Whether Chuck was representing us as the buyer or seller, I am confident he always had our best interests at heart. He helped us set or negotiate a reasonable price, and made sure there was a clear and open line of communication. He responded rapidly to email and phone calls and always knew the best person to contact for the various services involved in a transaction. I have worked with quite a few real estate agents and Chuck is right at the top of my list of good ones. Actually, Chuck is first and foremost just a good person, and he carries his personal honesty and integrity over into his profession. He has the greatest depth of experience in real estate of any agent or broker I have known. His years of practicing real estate law prior to becoming a broker are evident in the meticulous care he takes with the process and documentation. I am impressed by the way Chuck has integrated internet services into his real estate business. He probably knows more about this process than any other realtor in the country. In this tight market it is important to use every possible means to spread the word about available properties…to reach the few people who might be interested in a particular property. Steve L.

    From The Netherlands

    "We contacted Chuck about six months ago to help find a retirement property in Sequim. We had visited Sequim several weeks before and decided that this was the place for us to retire. We liked the friendly people and the natural beauty of the area. We had been looking for some time in other parts of the country - California, Oregon, North Carolina, and Vermont. In most of these other areas, we found real estate agents that were knowledgeable but did not follow up with us to continue narrowing down real estate possibilities. Once we were out of earshot, communications would stop. That is one of the reasons we were interested in working with Chuck. Besides having great knowledge of both the local real estate market and of law, his testimonials on the internet indicated a willingness to actively communicate with his clients. Chuck demonstrated this immediately. Even before we met, he responded very quickly and helpfully to any email question. After arriving for a second visit to Sequim in September, we finally met Chuck face to face. He was friendly, encouraging, and readily shared good practical information. We worked with him on a number of candidate properties - including an offer on a property while visiting that week. Although we could not come to terms with the owners on the final property price, we look forward to continuing to work closely with Chuck. He is an invaluable resource to help us identify and purchase the retirement property that's right for us." Paul and Virginia

    From Fremont California

    We can't say enough about working with Chuck Marunde. Luck would have it that we discovered his web site, spoke with him on the phone and had an instant feeling that we had found our realtor. And we were right. With Chucks help and expertise, our longtime dream to retire to the Pacific Northwest came to fruition with Chuck assisting us in finding the perfect home for us. Buying a home is always a big decision and these days can be complex with unexpected delays etc. In fact, our whole experience from offer day to closing, was very smooth. Chuck took all the time we needed to explain processes and made us feel at ease, even though we lived 800 miles away, tying up loose ends and getting ready for the big move to our new home in Sequim. We were impressed with Chuck's ability to listen to our needs and understand our concerns in buying from a distance. Chuck kept us informed all along the way, during the process and was so good at getting right back to us if we had another question. All went so well and Chuck really went above and beyond for us, taking time out from his busy schedule to assist us with some details regarding our beautiful property, even after the closing, because we were not yet arrived there. Without hesitation, our son and his wife will be contacting Chuck this summer, as they plan to follow us to paradise in this lovely town. Thanks again Chuck, for everything! Mary and Jerry

    From Fontana California

    My husband and I went to Sequim intending to interview several realtors to find one to help us locate and buy a home in Sequim. We knew we wanted someone we could trust and who would have our best interests in mind. Since we would be handling the transaction from S. California this was very important to us. We met Chuck and looked no further. We felt a connection right away and spent some time looking at homes together so Chuck could get a feel for what we wanted. Well, we left Sequim having made an offer on a home which the owner accepted. Chuck has helped us through the purchase process. We are positive it would not have gone so smoothly without his help. We give him 4 thumbs up. Wally & Cathy

    From Tacoma

    Chuck Marunde’s level of expertise in real estate investment is amazing. His knowledge, experience and legal training have given me a dramatic advantage in real estate investing. He works hard to stay on the cutting edge of real estate marketing, sound advice and value-added service for his clients. Kirk Wald, Financial Planner

    From Wendell Idaho

    My wife and I moved to Sequim six weeks ago, and prior to our move here I contacted Chuck Marunde and enlisted his help as our buyer's agent. Once we got here, it took us about two weeks looking at houses, and Chuck did a superb job of showing us places and letting us make our own decisions and guide us through the purchase of our home. We now completed our transaction and are very happy. We would recommend Chuck to anybody. Don & Marilyn

    From Sequim

    "Buying property either commercial or residential can sometimes be a tricky proposition. That’s why I would recommend Chuck to help you with purchasing or selling property. His background as a real-estate lawyer and his no nonsense to the point advice will help you make the right decisions. Experience and Integrity, what you need when you can’t afford to make a mistake. Dail Hurdlow, CEO, Hurdlow Enterprises

    From Seattle

    I am an experienced real estate buyer, but I am not from the Sequim area. I am somewhat flexible, realistic, but also particular. So the question was, “how do you choose the RIGHT real estate agent?”

    I made my appointment with Chuck on a Sunday morning in March, 2013. He showed me 5 houses. Every house he showed me was within my parameters! I was amazed: a real estate who listened, did his research, and didn't waste my time showing me houses I would never buy! I made an offer a few days later. That was the easy part…

    Buying a house is always a stressful time in life. Advice to Buyers: choose an agent who is competent, communicates well, and has exceptional follow-up and follow-through! You will spend a lot of time with your agent during the process. Choose someone likable. Go with your gut. I got to know Chuck during the process, and he's a great guy!

    You need an agent who is competent to handle and help you negotiate the issues that come up during disclosure, home inspection, appraisal, etc. Chuck's competence is superb! I got truly professional, sound, straightforward advice.

    Chuck's communication skills are exceptional: phone, email, fax. He has a wonderful ability to stay "on-point" with what is actually important and doesn't lead you astray on issues that aren't so important.

    Chuck's turn-around time on questions, issue resolution, etc. was virtually always within 24 hours. He follows-up, follows-through. He does what he says he will do timely. This relieves a lot of Buyer stress!

    Having a difficult time finding the right agent? Simplify your life! Choose Chuck Marunde. I did. [Name withheld by request]

    Intro by Chuck Marunde

    From Sequim to California

    "In our Sequim real estate broker Chuck Marunde we found a Realtor who knew not only how to list a property, but most importantly, he knew how to sell a property. Chuck is very skilled in current technology and uses that skill to advertise your property nationally. We were very pleased with Chuck, his honesty and integrity." Jerry Levitan and Donna "Teva" Tetiva

    Who is Chuck Marunde?

    Chuck Marunde is the #1 Sequim Buyer's Agent, having sold more homes (by volume) to buyers than any other agent or any "team" of agents for the past seven years. He is the author of thousands of articles for buyers on this real estate blog, and he is the author of several real estate books for buyers and one for sellers. He is the creator of many free tools that buyers use and love every day. He is recognized as a national expert on real estate transactions, marketing, and negotiating. Please schedule your appointment to view homes with Chuck well in advance of arriving in Sequim.
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