Are Sequim septic systems high maintenance, and are they potential problems for buyers who have lived in the city on public utilities their whole lives? And what about Sequim wells? These questions come up regularly from buyers all over the U.S. Even today a buyer called me to ask about Sequim septic systems.

Septic Systems

Here are six articles I wrote that answer many of the questions about private septics and private wells. What you’ll find out is that private wells and septics are very reliable, low maintenance, and not at all the problem most people might think. Private wells are usually low maintenance, and so are septic systems. Private wells in the Sequim area are known for having pure water, and most of us have no reason to have a water purifier.

Sequim Septic Systems Article 1: Septic Inspections

Sequim Septic Systems Article 2: Private Septic Systems

Sequim Septic Systems Article 3: Septic Systems Regulations

Sequim Wells Article 1: Private Well Issues

Sequim Wells Article 2: What is a Well Cistern?

Sequim Wells Article 3: Are Private Wells Safe?

When you are buying a home in Sequim, I always recommend a well inspection and a septic inspection, and of course, a home inspection. You can read at least a dozen article on this blog about home inspections, what is involved, and how to respond to needed repairs. If you have any questions after your read the articles above on wells and septic systems, you can always email me at or simply call me at 360-775-5424.

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