Do people really hate real estate agents? This is an intriguing question, but not without merit. There are two professions that have earned very bad reputations, no three: used car salesmen, lawyers, and real estate agents. I have spent my life in the latter two professions. As an insider, I can tell you attorneys earned their bad reputation. But why do so many people hate real estate agents?

Real Estate Agents

Do People Really Hate Real Estate Agents?

I know the answer to that question. When I was a real estate attorney, I met with many clients over 20 years who had very bad experiences with real estate agents. But if you’ve been around for a while, you don’t need me to tell you the stories. You’ve heard them yourself, or you could tell them from personal experience. While the majority of real estate agents are honest and competent, there is a percentage that are neither. What a mess they make for the rest of us.

For agents who are true professionals who have spent a lifetime mastering their trade and practice with integrity, the bad real estate agents in the profession have created a problem. Good people, like buyers and sellers, who have had bad experiences, often overlay those negative emotions on the rest of us in the profession.

When I talk to some clients, they have a hard time seeing me as honest and competent and professional, because the others they personally worked with were not. I understand why they have a hard time with that. You know the old saying about touching a hot stove and not wanting to touch it again. While these folks love the answers I share, and they sense that I am one of the good guys, they sometimes still have trouble overcoming their negative neurological associations from the past, and those associations can haunt our new relationship.

Don’t Hate Real Estate Agents Who Are Good

I encourage all clients to do their due diligence, and I have written many articles over the years on this. I have always been concerned about consumer protection. I developed a 21 point interview checklist for consumers, so they can save themselves from the nightmare of getting stuck with an agent they never would have chosen.

There are many outstanding real estate agents out there, but if you do your due diligence and hire a great agent, do yourself and your agent a favor. Separate your past negative emotions and give your new agent a clean slate.

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