When you hire a real estate broker, there are some qualifications you would normally look for, but what about age? How old should your real estate broker be? It might sound like a funny question, but there’s more behind age than one might think.

Real Estate Broker

Your Real Estate Broker and Knowledge

“The typical Realtor is a 56 year-old white female who attended” some college. This is from the National Association of Realtors 2014 Member Profile. Fifty seven percent of Realtors are women, which means 43% are men. But what about the age of your real estate broker? Is there an ideal age or a more qualified age in terms of knowledge and expertise, negotiating skill and wisdom?

Your Real Estate Broker and Wisdom

The greatest knowledge and experience is a function of age, but what is that age? What is the ideal age of your real estate broker? There is no ideal age, but there are some important factors that are some function of age.

If a person could be 24 years old and have the heart and mind, and the intellectual and emotional experience of a real estate broker who has 10 or more years drafting, negotiating, and closing transactions of all kinds, and if that person had the maturity of knowing what works and doesn’t work in the world of marketing and sales, and if that person had a keen understanding of technology and the Internet, and if he or she had grown in wisdom and held true to values like honesty and integrity, then 24 years old would be the right age.

But if that complete package comes with a real estate broker who is 45 or 55 or 65, then those would be the ideal ages. The key is not so much age as it is the qualifications and experience. But the whole package is a function of age, so one could logically say that older is better, or not. That really depends on the real estate broker, doesn’t it?

I suggest you look at the whole package of knowledge, experience, competence, professionalism, and honesty and integrity. The age of your real estate broker is a function of all these, but not guaranteed in any real estate broker at any age.

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