Real Estate AgentsAre real estate agents a dime a dozen?  Maybe they are, but I’m reminded of something I learned many years ago in Alaska.  I had graduated from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks with a degree in economics, but I wanted to become a teacher.  I knew that teachers were a dime a dozen, and there were many applicants for every opening, so I asked my old high school principal, Gary Hebert, if there was room for another teacher.  His reply was full of wisdom.  He said, “Chuck, there’s always room for a good teacher.”

Real Estate Agents a Dime a Dozen?

I learned that rule applies to every profession.  I did teach high school business education for two years before deciding to go to law school and specialize in real estate.  As a teacher, I learned that many teachers are mediocre, some are less than mediocre, and a few are exceptional.  As a lawyer, I learned that many lawyers are mediocre, some are less than mediocre, and a few are exceptional.  Now as a full time real estate broker, I can say precisely the same thing about real estate agents.

Real Estate Agents – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Every profession has the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Sales pitches, bloviating, and hype on advertisements have gotten out of control, and people don’t know what to believe any more.  It takes a great deal of discernment and research to know how to find and select a great professional in any profession.

Who isn’t tired of annoying TV commercials after seeing them the 100th time, “My name is Doug and I am not an actor.  I have Mesothilioma.”  Are you tired as I am of the “Buy Gold Now” commercials, or how about the Viagra commercials?  Ridiculous and annoying!  But some commercials don’t even tell you what they do.  For example, a company called Insperity has a commercial in which their theme statement is, “Inspiring business performance, that’s what we do.”  Boy, when I saw that commercial I was desperate to hire them.  Not.

Real Estate Agents

Consumers are getting smart, or perhaps they’re just getting tired of the old tricks and gimmicks.  I’m a real estate agent, and this is a shameless plug, but I can tell you precisely what I will do for you.  There is no bloviating or hype or generic branding here.  As your buyer’s agent I help you negotiate the best possible price on the right home, and I help you handle all of the inspection and due diligence items all the way to closing.  That’s straight forward, right?  By the way, I represent you at no cost.  The sellers always pay my commission.  Isn’t that great?  I hope you’ll do your due diligence on Sequim real estate agents, and then I hope you’ll come back and consider hiring me as your buyer’s agent.

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