Having practiced real estate law in Sequim & Port Angeles for many years, this is my list of the 10 biggest real estate problems in Clallam County. If you hover your mouse over some of them, you will notice they have links to more detailed articles, if your interested.

  1. Claims of Adverse Possession;
  2. Easement Disputes;
  3. Boundary Disputes;
  4. Disputes with Builders;
  5. Seller Misrepresentation;
  6. Purchase & Sale Agreement Breaches;
  7. Partnership Disputes;
  8. Homeowners’ Associations Disputes;
  9. Breaches of CC&Rs; and
  10. Probate Disputes (with Heirs/Claimants).

More detail on these issues can be found at: Legal Issues at FreeRealEstateLaw.com

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