Why an article on “How to Sell My Home“? Because many retirees moving to Sequim, Washington need to sell their home first, whether that is in California, Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, Portland, or anywhere in the U.S. Many will use the Internet to research “How to Sell My Home” and will do their own due diligence on how to get the highest price in the least amount of time.

How to Sell My Home

But there is much more that sellers need to know, and again most are searching the Internet for topics like, “How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent,” or “For Sale By Owner,” or “Marketing a Home For Sale on the Internet,” or “How to Price a Home,” or “How Does The MLS Work,” and so on.

How to Sell My Home

If you are planning to sell your home anywhere in the country, this book, The Seven Myths of Selling Your Home, will be immensely helpful. I share secrets that real estate brokers don’t share with anyone. You’ll be surprised at the truth behind some of the common practices that brokers use to get you to list your home with them. Many are using ineffective marketing techniques to get you to think they have a great marketing system and that they are working so hard to sell your home, but in reality many of their approaches do not sell homes but help them reach more buyers. In other words, beware of the listing agent who uses you and your listing to get more clients for himself while your home sits on the market going stale.

I’ve been in this business going back 40 years, so I could go on and on about what home sellers do NOT know about how the real estate industry really works, and I could go on and on about what marketing works and what marketing does not work. And I do go on and on in this book addressing “How to Sell My Home,” so you can make wise decisions for yourself. 

When you’re done studying “how to sell my home,” and when you are ready to find your home in Sequim, Washington, let me know, because I have a free book for you entitled, “Sequim Real Estate: A Buyer’s Guide.”

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