Buyers are doing their Sequim Google search every day of the week many times a day. As a future Sequim resident, you undoubtedly having been doing your own Sequim Google search for answers to your questions. Doing a Google search reminds me of the older days when we would say at the office, “I’m going to Xerox this,” meaning that I was going to make a copy, but the copy machine may have been made by IBM or Canon or Toshiba. Since Xerox was the first in the game and made copying so easy with a whole new technology, we got into the habit of saying “Xerox copy” even when we didn’t use a Xerox copier. We do the same today by saying, “Google it,” even though there are many search engines we might prefer to use.

Here’s the best tip you may get today. There is a search engine that is substantially better than Google, and you will benefit by using it if you are searching any number of topics in Sequim WA. I’ll tell you which search engine this is, and why it is better than a Sequim Google search.

Sequim Google Search

Sequim Google Search

Like you, buyers or prospective buyers around the United States who are eying Sequim for their retirement destination, are doing their Sequim Google search for answers to many questions. In other words, buyers are not only searching a good online Sequim MLS site, but they are seeking answers on all kinds of issues in the Sequim area.

Here’s what you may not know. A Sequim Google search will involve using Google, of course, but Google does two things you may not like:

  1. Google controls the results you get, and the results you get are not pure search results based on the best websites or blogs on the Internet for the search you did. Google uses algorithms that control the results based in part on their own advertising network and how they want to push people into advertiser sites. Google also has not tried to hide that their algorithms include some of their philosophy about lifestyle preferences and government and religion. Sergey Brin of Google said ultimately he thinks the ideal Google search result would provide one right answer, and he wants to be able to tell us what that one answer is.
  2. A Sequim Google search will pull you into Google’s ecosystem, which as you probably know, means your private information, including what sites you visit and what you look at are all captured by Google so they can sell your information to advertisers. You may have thought you were just using a free search engine, but you are the product they are selling over and over again to advertisers.

Google has the majority of the search engine market (63%), but any Sequim Google search is not necessarily going to give you the best search results because of their corporate biases and algorithms. So what can you do to get the absolute best and most accurate results for your online search?

Sequim Google Search v. Sequim

Here’s some good news for you! does not try to collect your private information, and their search engine is not pre-programmed with political or religious preferences. Try some searches that you would normally do as a Sequim Google search, and check out the fantastic results you get.

For example, searches that many buyers make would include these, and I’ve linked the results to

  1. Sequim Water View Homes, If you search this phrase without quotes, my sites come up on the first page of the search results in 2nd (not counting the paid ad), 5th, 6th, and 9th. In other words, 40% of the search results on the first page are articles written by this brokerage. I hope that speaks to you about how hard we are working behind the scenes to give you all the fee information you need to make wise decisions. But it also speaks the quality of the results. My sites are exactly what you are searching for.
  2. Sequim Buyers Agent, If you search this phrase without quotes, my sites come up on the first page of the search results in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th. That’s 50% of the search results! That may look easy, but believe me it took 10 years, a lot of hard work, and some money to figure all this out. No other Sequim broker has spent the years and money to give you this free content-rich information, written by a experienced broker and real estate attorney (ret.).
  3. How much to offer on a Sequim home, With this search, my sites come up in 1st and 2nd position, not counting the paid ad at the top, which we all skip. But there’s something important I don’t want you to miss with these results. My articles actually answer the question about how much to offer on a Sequim home, while the other links are not giving you any answer. They are showing you photos of homes or trying to sell you on their service. That’s annoying, right? My search results always answer your direct question.

You can search hundreds of phrases and questions, and you’ll keep finding our answers, all free and there’s no requirement that you register. We collect no private information. No wonder buyers love us. We’re doing what buyers want and hope a buyer’s broker would do, and there’s no one on the Internet that provides as much free information as we do for buyers of Sequim homes. Next time you’re thinking about doing a Sequim Google search, may I suggest you do a search using In either case, we still show up everywhere, but you’ll like this service better than Google.

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