The Sequim Blue Hole is real, and I have proof. This is a fun short video I did showing you the scientific proof the Sequim blue hole is for real, and giving you a view of Sequim from above from my drone. Don’t forget to make sure your Youtube settings are for HD quality and enlarge this video on your monitor, or watch it on Youtube.

Sequim Blue Hole is Real

The Sequim Blue Hole is why we only get 16 inches of rain a year while Seattle gets 45 inches a year, and Seattle is only 50 miles away as the crow flies. The climate and weather are amazing in Sequim, but don’t tell anyone. The next thing you know, a lot of people will be moving to Sequim. Let’s keep this Sequim blue hole thing just between us. 

The Sequim Blue Hole

You might enjoy watching some of my other aerial videos around Sequim. You could simply do a search in Youtube for “Sequim videos” and my videos show up at the top of the page and several more places, or you could just click on this image below, and it will take you to Sequim Videos.

Sequim Blue Hole

You can read eight more articles about Sequim weather, the climate and the blue hole at Sequim Blue Hole.

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