Sequim podcasts by the thousands! Who in the world would do such a thing? Who would create that much original content? And who would do thousands of Sequim podcasts? Golly gee, that would be me, aka yours truly, aka Chuck Marunde. Over 2,110 of a decade of Sequim real estate articles now live in the world of Sequim podcasts.

Sequim Podcasts

Sequim Podcasts on Your Computer

Now you can listen to Sequim podcasts about buying real estate in Sunny Sequim on your desktop computer or laptop or on your iPad or Android device. You can still read my articles if you prefer, but you might want to give your poor eyes a break once in a while and just listen to an article.

You may know this, or you will realize this as you browse and read some of the 2,110 articles on my Sequim real estate blog, but there is an article that answers almost every question buyers have been asking about buying real estate in Sequim for two decades. I know that because I’ve been answering those questions as a real estate lawyer and broker for over 20 years. These Sequim podcasts are my continuous effort to answer all your questions even before you ask me.

Sequim Podcasts on Your Smartphone and in Your Car

Of course you can listen to Sequim podcasts on your smartphone anywhere, including in your car as you are driving to work on that eight lane Los Angeles freeway. May God have mercy on your soul. Or maybe I should say, may Governor Gavin Newsome have mercy on your soul. Not to get side-tracked, but tell me why you are still in California and not in Sequim Washington.

So how does this work?

At the end of each blog article you’ll see an audio player, and that’s how you listen to these articles. By the way, if you have any questions you would like me to answer on this blog or Sequim podcasts, just let me know, and I’ll post the question and answer.

What Sequim Realtor lies awake at night dreaming of ways to help his buyers? None other than Chuck Marunde. Seriously, who else puts so much doggone Sequim real estate information on the Internet? Sequim podcasts, give me a break.

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