Have you done a search on the Internet for Sequim real estate agents to help you buy your retirement home?  Back in the day buyers had to walk into a brick-and-mortar and sit down with some agent, any agent, it didn’t matter who to people back then, and you would find homes to look at by paging through a book of listings.

Sequim Real Estate Agents

Sequim Real Estate Agents

Can Sequim Real Estate Agents Help?

Beginning the process of finding a home has changed so much in the past 20 years (in the last 5 years), that it seems like another life time since that 300 page MLS blue book.  This cork board is what I think many buyer’s cork board might look like, if they used one.  There are a hundred unanswered questions, and trying to do it yourself, especially if you are from outside the Sequim or Port Angeles area can be daunting.  I recommend hiring an agent from among the long list of Sequim real estate agents.

Are Sequim Real Estate Agents Old School or New?

I marvel at how buyers in the ’70s and ’80s didn’t give much thought to who they hired as their real estate agent.  They just hired whoever answered the phone or whoever had floor duty.  But times have changed, and buyers are much more aware of the need to be well represented, and who hasn’t heard stories (or had a personal nightmare) with an agent who just got their license or had little professional experience to do a good job.  And we won’t even get into the heavy subject of unethical agents and self-dealing agents, and there are plenty of those stories.

My perspective on Sequim real estate agents is that they are good people but mostly old school.  I say this with a smile on my face, because I’m 55 but I think I’m new school.  There are many reasons I say that, but that’s beyond the scope of this little article.  (Just browse this blog for an hour and you’ll see why I say I’m new school.)  But I think you can understand that small towns tend to be behind the times, and business owners, including Realtors, tend to be slow to pick up on new trends or new technologies.  Sequim is an agricultural community and largely old school.  That’s not bad for the community, but when you are looking for real estate, you’ll want new school in your buyer’s agent.

Looking for the right agent out of the couple of hundred Sequim real estate agents ought to involve more than the flip of the coin, or simply hiring the person who answers the phone first, or just hiring whomever has floor duty at the front desk.

There are serious questions you need answered.  Just click on the cork board above (first and then again after a few seconds to enlarge it), and you’ll see some of the relevant questions buyers are asking of Sequim real estate agents, and as a buyer, you’re probably asking these questions, too.  Can you answer all of these questions for the Sequim and Port Angeles areas? If not, look for Sequim real estate agents that can help.  Do your due diligence on the Internet and hire the best.  I hope you hire me, but even if you don’t, the questions on the cork board are still relevant, and there are more questions you need to get answered before you finalize the purchase of your retirement home.

I recommend someone who can not only answer your questions, but a Sequim buyer’s agent who shares questions you haven’t thought of, and then helps you answer them.  Remember that the answers you get are only as good as the questions you ask.

There are many good Sequim real estate agents and I recommend you hire one to help you answer these questions.

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