Sequim real estate listings and the shortage of homes that retirees want has created a difficult market and a slow down in sales, too. Local Realtors are struggling to get good listings, and that has created a serious challenge for real estate brokers.

Sequim Real Estate Listings Shortage

The traditional real estate brokerage has relied heavily on listings to make money, and the way the vast majority of traditional brokers have generated buyer leads is through their real estate listings. In other words, their business models focuses on getting listings, not creating a marketing system of free information for buyers. Their listings have been their marketing system, but it’s not really a marketing system for real estate listings as far as buyers are concerned. Now with the shortage in listings, this is creating a tremendous challenge or dilemma for the traditional brokerage.

Sequim Real Estate Listings and Marketing

If I am correct on this point, this means that the traditional brokerage may be in trouble, because without lots of good listings, they suddenly have lost their primary tool for generating buyer leads. This is not a small issue. It is so big, we could see brokerages with big overhead and a shortage of closings close their doors. I hope not, but this is unquestionably a crisis for brokerages who rely so heavily on real estate listings for their income.

What is so dramatically different about iRealty Virtual Brokers is that we are the number one brokerage providing massive resources for buyers, thousands of articles, several MLS sites designed and programmed for buyers, and a staff with more real estate knowledge and experience than any other. iRealty does not rely exclusively on real estate listings to generate buyer leads. Buyers love all the free information we provide on the Internet, and we’re the only brokerage to provide this level of relevant and credible real estate information.

If you’re a buyer looking at Sequim real estate listings, you just found the biggest and most powerful source of buyer information on the entire Internet for the Sequim area. Browse this blog and browse all our resources, including our MLS sites, and we think you’ll love what you find. You can not only find the answers to all your questions, you can also look at all our real estate listings.

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