I have a client who found a home he really liked, and it immediately went under contract. In fact, it had five offers, all above listed price. The seller accepted one, and also accepted two of the other offers as backups. So my client found another home he thought he might like to see, but it immediately went under contract. He thinks he has the magic touch, that any home he wants to see will sell before he gets to the front door. If that were true, he could make a lot of money, but his dilemma is not so uncommon for retirees planning to look at Sequim Homes. In this article I’ll explain exactly why this happens to so many people looking at Sequim homes.

The Ideal Sequim Homes for Retirees

It is absolutely amazing how similar the preferences are among those of us in the 50s and 60s generation. I kid you not–we tend to want the same home. This is the home I like to say is at the top of the Bell Curve. About 95% of my buyers want this home. It is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,800 to 2,300 square feet, newer with a modern kitchen, an open floor plan, all on a single level, and in a nice area with some privacy. Chances are this is what you are looking for, too, among all the Sequim homes for sale.

No wonder so many retirees looking at Sequim homes online discover that before they can actually view the home, it is pending. Homes at or near the top of the Bell Curve will sell in a short period of time right now in the Sequim area, and if the listing price is reasonable, they will sell at full price.

Some Sequim Homes Are Super Popular

There is another home that sells quickly, although it is not the ideal retirement home. This is the steal of the century. There aren’t very many of these, but 95% of the retirees are not looking at an investment home that needs work. One home recently sold for somewhat over $120,000, and while it was a manufactured home, it was in very good condition and on one acre of nice property in a quiet area. That home will make an inexpensive retirement home for someone, but more likely it was bought by someone who intends to clean the property up and rent it out. That kind of property sells for cash quickly.

If you want to be able to see the status of a listing, whether it is active or pending, you can use my Sequim4Sale.com site, and you’ll see a data field called “Status” which will show you if it is “Active” and still available, or if it is pending, which is called “Act-Under-Contr” short for Active Under Contract. That is the same as pending. If you need help from an experienced and trustworthy Realtor, don’t hesitate to call or text or email ChuckMarunde@gmail.com (360-775-5424).

Are you looking at Sequim Homes?

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