On a sunny Sequim afternoon a leisurely trip to Silverdale is a very pleasant 60 minute drive. I recently discovered a new Starbucks in Poulsbo on the way to Silverdale. Sipping on a hot double short latte, I edited an article on my laptop in a very relaxed setting.

Sunny Sequim

Sunny Sequim Day

When I left Sequim, it was another sunny Sequim day, at least for a while. The weather has been sunny, then cloudy, then sunny again. But when I arrived in Poulsbo at this Starbucks, it was raining steady. Of course, I was no longer in the Sequim Blue Hole, aka the Sequim Rain Shadow.

If you have a laptop like I do, you probably enjoy using it periodically at a coffee shop or restaurant to either do some writing in an email, or maybe you enjoy writing articles, a diary, or maybe you’re working on your next book. Self-publishing has made publishing so much easier and more affordable. Writing is a great hobby. Trying to express yourself articulately is no small challenge. 

Sunny Sequim No Longer

I have a lot of practice writing. This blog alone has over 1,900 articles on it, and I’m getting ready to publish my 10th and 11th books. I find writing, even writing about real estate issues on this blog, very therapeutic. It’s hard work, because using the least amount of words to express something important articulately is hard work. I love the English language, but even with all the practice I have for the past two decades, it still can take me an hour to write one good article on this blog. I often edit an article half a dozen times before it is ready for public consumption.

If you have any subjects you would like discussed here, let me know. If I haven’t already covered it in Sunny Sequim, I’d be glad to if I can.

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