California fires are once again driving people out of California to the Northwest. The total loss of one’s home and everything in it would be a nightmare of epic proportions for sure, but there’s much more that is driving people out. My California buyers are using almost the identical descriptions with phrases like these: forest fires, increasing crime, illegal aliens, political insanity, increasing traffic nightmares, increasing regulations and bureaucracies for business owners, increasing taxes, draughts, floods, and the looming threat of a big earthquake.

California Fires Again

California Fires Pushing People to Sequim

What is happening in California is disturbing, and now the state is losing the middle class in a mass exodus. Why are many of these Californians moving to Sequim? Of the long list of nightmare phrases that explain why they are leaving their beloved California, Sequim has virtually none of these, with the exception of the potential big earthquake. California fires are just one of the major problems.

In the case of a big earthquake, there is a dramatic difference between living in California and Sequim. If the big one hits California, the freeway on-ramps and exits will likely be down, electricity will be off, gas stations will be closed, grocery stores will be out of food within hours, municipal water systems will be down, cell phone service will almost certainly be down, and there will be mass destruction of buildings. You won’t be able to escape, because there will be no way of escape!

And then, you know what would be coming next. As you huddled in your home or emergency shelter, the criminals would be out in force at night stealing food and anything else they wanted. Do you really want to be forced into a Wallmart FEMA shelter for who knows how long? The military will be guarding these FEMA centers, and there will be security fences and security gates so you cannot leave. Why? They will keep civilians in the shelters “for their own protection.” There’s no way they will let you come and go at your leisure.

Contrast that with living in Sequim in a big earthquake. In my single level 1850 square foot home I would have some broken windows and some broken dishes, but that would be the extent of the damages. I have a private well and private septic, and I have a backup generator that runs on propane or gasoline. I have some emergency food on the shelves for a period of months. Of course, the area power would be down, there would be no cell phone service, the gas stations would be closed, and the grocery store shelves would empty of staple items within hours. While those consequences create a nightmare scenario in metro California, it would not here in rural Washington.

Since Sequim is too far from Seattle/Tacoma and Olympia with the bridges down and no direct access (other than boat) for outsiders, Sequim would not suffer the onslaught of roaming criminals and masses of starving people. They would in Seattle, but not in Sequim.

I would also point out that we have plenty of crystal clear water flowing out of the Olympic Mountains, and we have fishing galore, and we have masses of deer and wildlife. We also live in an agricultural area with a lot of organic crops and an untold number of beef cattle in the area. The point is, we have a lot of ways to survive here that Californians simply do not have. Many locals have their own organic vegetable gardens and many also have some animals, like cows and sheep.

I’m not interested in going conspiracy theory on you, and I won’t because I’m not a conspiracy guy, but if you’ve read some of my 2,000 blog articles or any of my dozen books, you’ll recall this statement, “The answers you get are only as good as the questions you ask.” Too many people are not asking the right questions, so they never do get answers to some critically important issues.

I was a forest fire fighter for the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska for four summers as I worked my way through college. I know how forest fires travel, what their limits are, and how they catch houses on fire. It is virtually impossible for a forest fire at 1,100 degrees to melt glass and steel like we are seeing in these California fires. It also does not make sense that houses are reduced to ashes with all the appliances and metal melted to nothing while there are still green trees standing around the houses. I speak from truth, since there are many Youtube aerial videos showing this exact reality. I don’t know the answers to the question, “What is going on with these California fires?,” but I can tell you as 30-year fire fighters in California have said, “Something is terribly wrong here.” I’m not answering the question. I don’t have that kind of knowledge and wisdom, but there are legitimate questions out there, and this video raises some of them. Please don’t jump to conclusions and assume that I am a conspiracy theorist. I’m not. I’m only raising questions, not answering the questions.

Why are people leaving California? The California fires are one reason, but just one of many. Yesterday a Redding man who is in Sequim looking at homes told us that his home just burned up in Redding. How tragic! I wish he had sold his home long before the fire and had moved to Sequim before he lost his home. All of these reasons and the unanswered questions about the fires are legitimate reasons there is such an exodus from California to Sequim.

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