Sequim storms are rare, and compared to the rest of the country, Sequim storms are child’s play. Once again we are watching weather reports of a very nasty New York storm and along the northeast. Governors of New York and New Jersey are warning people to stay home. Thousands of flights have been cancelled at airports around the country. Transportation systems have come to a halt in some areas, and thousands of businesses have closed their doors. Not only does the economy and life for thousands of people get disrupted, but unfortunately it seems that everytime there is another major storm, people die too.

Sequim Storms

Sequim Storms Rare?

We are more than lucky that there are no such Sequim storms. We don’t get blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, nor do we get the annual snow storms that hit the northeast. Sequim storms are so rare that if you retire in Sequim and live here for 30 years, you might see one or two bad snow storms, but nothing like what New York gets regularly. You might hear of a small flood along the Dunegness River, but even that flooding has only reached a hand full of homes in the past 50 years, and there hasn’t been any flood since the Core of Engineers strategically built some dikes. We are more than fortunate that there are virtually no dangerous Sequim storms.

Sequim Storms

About 15 years ago I remember a heavy snow in Sequim. This was the only bad storm I recall in 21 years of living in Sequim. The snow was several feet deep, and for Sequimites, that was extraordinary. We just stayed home,  so there really was no danger. The snow only came down for a few days, and then it began to melt quickly. But many of us could not drive out of our driveways for a couple of days, so it was exciting, but it was never dangerous. Living in such a mild climate with no extremes either way, Sequim has become known as one of the 10 best places to retire in America. There are many reasons for that, but certainly one reason is that we just don’t have bad Sequim storms.

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