Snow in Sequim is not common, and this much snow is something that only happens about once every two decades. Sequim weather is famous for being mild without extremes, either hot or cold. Summers are typically in the 60s and 70s, and winters are typically in the 40s and 50s, but not this February. Of course, the entire country is getting crazy weather this year, too.

Snow in Sequim: Are You Serious?

Snow in Sequim in February

Snow in Sequim is so rare, at least snow that sticks for a few days. When we do get snow like this, children are out sledding and laughing with the kind of deep joy that only comes from children going sledding for the first time. It’s a joy to experience, and I experienced it with my own children when they were young 22 years ago.

The video above is my home and my dog . . . out playing.

When we do have snow in Sequim like this, we stay home. Unless you have to work, you wouldn’t risk an accident or getting stuck somewhere. It’s a heavy sticky snow, because the temperature goes above freezing during the middle part of the day, and that makes it hard to drive through, unless you have a high four-wheel drive. 

This kind of snow and cold weather won’t last long, so even if it lasts a week, as they say, “this too shall pass.” Snow in Sequim is fun, but also a little dangerous if a person is not prepared. We stock up on food and wood for heat in case we lose our electricity. That’s rare, too. For now, we will enjoy snow in Sequim while it lasts.

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