The Sequim average temperature is surprisingly comfortable and well within the normal comfort zone, and that is precisely because we don’t have extremes in either direction. 

Sequim Average Temperature

Graph from [Sequim Average Temperature]

You can click on this image to see the Sequim average temperature as well as a full weather analysis of Sequim, including a Sequim climate summary, Sequim cloud cover, Sequim precipitation or Sequim rainfall, Sequim snowfall, Sequim humidity, and Sequim wind. This site at is really great, and I highly recommend it.

If you’re thinking about moving to Sequim for the ultimate retirement, you’ll have fun doing your online research. You’ll find many articles on about Sequim weather and why our climate is so amazing, and you see in the articles and my Sequim videos the long list of nightmare scenarios that we never have to experience. Sequim comes with none of the nightmares in weather and other negative events, but Sequim does have most of what we consider perfect, including the ideal Sequim average temperature.

Some retirees who have moved to Sequim think they died and have gone to Heaven, but I’ve tried to reassure them that this is still Sequim, and Heaven will be even better. 

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