Coastal is a great store in Sequim, and because it is such a cool store, I wanted to share it here and also to highlight the answer to a question that comes up periodically, “What stores or shopping is available in Sequim?” 

Coastal Farm and Ranch is the official name of the store, but most of us just call it “Costal.”


Coastal Has Cool Stuff

Coastal is a farm and ranch business, but they have clothes, wood stoves, shoes and cowboy boots, hay, farm tools and equipment, household products, animal care products, guns and safes, generators, hardware, automotive, and a lot more. Coastal is new to Sequim having just moved in about a year ago, but they stand out because they are so well organized on their inventory, it’s a pleasure to walk through this store and browse. You can learn more about what they sell at their website, which is Coastal.

Apart from Coastal, Sequim does have some of the stores most of us want in a community, including Costco, Home Depot, Safeway, QFC, Walmart, Starbucks, Pet Depot, Office Depot, and many family owned businesses. The nearest large mall is in Silverdale, which is a pleasant one hour drive, and there is a lot of other shopping and more restaurants in Silverdale, too. Seattle is a two and a half hour trip, either by driving or by ferry, and so Sequim not only has most of the shopping we need locally, but the rest is not far away. 

If you come to Sequim, check out Coastal. It is one of my favorite stores. I have to leave my money home when I go to Coastal, because there are too many things I would like.

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