We thought you might enjoy the 6 most popular Sequim real estate articles of 2018 on this blog. With over 2,000 real estate articles written specifically for buyers, and with readers for a decade from all over the Unites States and even Europe, this is the largest real estate blog with the largest outreach to buyers in the Sequim, Washington market on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.. 

These are real estate articles that have been read and enjoyed by many of our new Sequim retirees, and since these articles were so relevant for them, you might also find them relevant for you in 2019. Here they are for your reading pleasure.

Real Estate Articles

Popular Real Estate Articles

Article #1: The Sequim Bell Curve: Sequim Homes Hard to Find. This article has been popular for several years because it paints a clear picture of what you are up against when you buy a home in Sequim.

Article #2: Homeowner Associations have always been an emotionally charged topic, and that’s unquestionably why this article was hot in 2018: Homeowner Associations: Nightmare of Nightmares.

Article #3: Since Sequim is such a popular retirement community for couples in their 50s and 60s from all over the United States, it’s no surprise that real estate articles about retiring in Sequim would be popular. Perhaps the fun video that we created for this article is also part of why it is popular. Why Retire in Sequim?

Article #4: Who doesn’t want to know what the future holds, especially when it comes to buying your retirement home and your retirement account on Wall Street? Last October I wrote an article entitled, Is There Another Real Estate Crash Coming? Maybe it feels better to only focus on positive news, but wisdom does tell us to look at contrary news so we won’t be blinded by false notions of the future. This article is worth reading, even if you find yourself disagreeing with it’s analysis.

[Notice that this real estate blog, which has over 2,000 real estate articles for buyers, is not about selling you all the time, or constantly pushing a positive pitch that always tries to persuade you to buy, buy, buy. This blog is about giving you real and accurate information, including negative information that can better help you make wise decisions for your own retirement planning and purchase in Sequim. I share plenty of positive and happy information about Sequim, but I let you filter and discern for yourself.]

Real Estate Articles for Sequim Buyers

Article #5: I Need a Buyer’s Agent to Draft an Offer. Do you need to draft an offer now on a home that just came on the market? You know there is a sense of urgency in this market with such a low inventory and high demand, but you want to make sure you do everything right, and you need a Realtor who can help draft an offer today.

Article #6: Winning With Competing OffersCompeting offers on a listing do occasionally come in on the same day, and I’ve written about multiple offers, but one of my clients reminded me that sometimes it is about more than just the price.

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