Sequim may be the best retirement community in the county. Sequim received a number of retirement awards already (read several articles at Best Places to Retire). I talk to retirees several times a week, and I’ve listed some of the reasons they tell me why their retirement in Sequim is so great.


Retirement in Sequim

Ask a retiree in Sequim what their occupation is now, and they are likely to say something like, “Enjoying Life.” Isn’t that one of the primary goals of retirement? So what would it take to classify a town as one of the best retirement communities? If you could put together a checklist of items that you would want, what would be on that checklist?

Sequim Retirement Checklist

Community AttractionsLifestyle Attractions
Ideal Climate/WeatherVery Friendly People
Many Recreational Opp.Many Clubs/Activities
Discovery TrailMany Non-Profits
Lakes, Rivers, Bays, BeachesMany Volunteer Org.
Key Big Box StoresLow Crime
Great RestaurantsMany Churches
Abundant WildlifePlays, Music, Arts
Lavender Capital of U.S.Master Gardener Club
Several AirportsT-1 High Speed Internet
Outstanding Golf CoursesHunting/Fishing

This short list is just the tip of the iceberg. Want to have some fun conversations about retirement in the Sequim area? Next time you’ve visiting Sequim, take a walk through Carrie Blake Park, or walk along Port Williams Bay on the beach, or walk around town, and strike up a conversation with a retired couple. Tell them you are thinking about retiring in Sequim, and ask them how they like living in Sequim. You’ll find out how friendly people are, and you’ll hear why retirement in Sequim is about enjoying life!

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