Sequim has been on the list of the 10 Best Places To Retire many times during the last two decades in national retirement magazines, and there’s a reason. Actually, there are many reasons, and that’s what I want to talk about today.

If you could make your own list of the 10 Best Places To Retire, what would you put on your list? Maybe an equally important question would be what you would not want on the list. Let’s start with the things you do not want for sure.

10 Best Places to Retire

Guess how I compiled this list of community problems none of us want? I simply read the daily newspaper in several California cities these past few months. No kidding. All these things are happening in California on a regular basis. No wonder people are escaping California in the tens of thousands every month. [See this Video on Escaping California]

Here’s the good news, and this is almost too good to be true, but it is true. Sequim WA has none of these problems. I’ve called Sequim “Paradise” for many years, until Paradise, California burned up. But in many ways Sequim is a paradise. I just met with some California buyers yesterday, and here’s some of what we discussed.

  1. Sequim has none of the bad weather we see every year from the east coast of the U.S. to the west coast, which means Sequim never has tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, floods that damage homes and farm fields, massive wind storms, lightning storms, mudslides, and
  2. Sequim does not have either weather extremes or temperature extremes, meaning it doesn’t get either cold or hot here, and
  3. Sequim rarely even gets snow, and when it does it melts the same day or within days [See this video with rare Snow in Sequim], and
  4. Sequim only gets 16 inches of rain a year, 1/3rd the rainfall of Seattle only 2 hours away [See my Sequim Weather Video and the Sequim Blue Hole], 
  5. Sequim is a magnet for some of the most amazing retirees in their 50s and 60s you will ever meet, because they are successful but humble, and they are mature mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. They are content and well balanced, and wonderful conversationalists. They know what they want, and they know how to live it. No wonder Sequim is such a happy place to live. [See this video Why Retire in Sequim?]

I’ve lived in Sequim for 25 years, and I raised my children here and had a career here as a real estate attorney. Like so many others who have lived here for a long time, I say, “I don’t ever plan to live anywhere else. I love living in Sequim.” [Short Video of What See and Hear in Sequim Everyday]

Not only is Sequim One of the 10 Best Places to Retire, if more people around the country knew how amazing Sequim is, it would be even more popular. Let’s keep this little secret between us.

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