Sipping on gourmet Sequim coffee while looking at real estate is perfectly normal, especially since the northwest is the coffee capital of the country with Seattle being the birth place of Starbucks, which revolutionized the coffee industry and spawned dozens of major coffee companies around the world. There is a secret to making gourmet coffee, and for the first time I share it here.

Sequim Coffee

Incredible Sequim Coffee

Incredibly delicious Sequim coffee can be bought at four Sequim coffee shops: Starbucks, Hurricane Coffee, Adagio Bean & Leaf, and Rainshadow Coffee Roasting Company. But what do you do if you want to make the best cup of Sequim coffee at home, and consistently make unbelievably delicious cups of coffee every time? I discovered it, and although it took me many years, you will see how simple it is.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. You must have the best coffee beans, and they must be fresh. I love Starbucks French Roast. You may have developed a taste for another brand or a different kind. Whatever your favorite brand, make sure the beans are the freshest by watching the dates.

Keep the beans sealed so they will stay fresh. Each time you are in the mood for that gourmet cup of Sequim coffee, grind it fresh for each cup. Heat your water for each cup, too, and preferably do not use a microwave unless you must.

The Perfect Sequim Coffee

Now here’s the key I want to share. A cheap coffee grinder is inconsistent, and your coffee will taste different from cup to cup. You must grind your beans to precisely the right size every single time, based on your own taste, and you must use exactly the same amount for each cup. How can you do that? Here’s the answer–a grinder like the one in this photo. It allows you to control precisely the grind and the number of seconds the grinder will run. It will grind from the finest espresso to a drip to something very course and everything in between. I prefer to pour hot water through the ground coffee in a filter directly into a cup.

If you want the best Sequim coffee you can possibly make at home, you will need this kind of high quality grinder, and this will be the most expensive piece of coffee making equipment you will own. My Breville coffee grinder is $179, and it was well worth it. Every day I enjoy a delicious hot cup of gourmet Sequim coffee. And then I go to work for my real estate clients.

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