Finding your Sequim primary care provider may not be the easiest thing you do. I certainly don’t have to tell my readers, who are in their 50s and 60s and entering the next big phase of their lives–retirement, how challenging it is to navigate health care decisions. You must have a Sequim primary care provider to get general care, and you must have a Sequim primary care provider to get the required referral to a specialist.

Most Sequim primary care providers are not accepting new patients now, and of those who are, some are requiring a monthly payment (like $80) just to be on their list of patients. And then there are high medical insurance premiums and the cost of prescriptions. Who made this gigantic mess of our healthcare system? The answer to that question is well above my pay grade, but what I can do in this article is give you a list of primary care providers.

Sequim Primary Care List

Here’s a list of all the Sequim primary care and Port Angeles primary care providers with their phone numbers and whether they are accepting new patients and what they require. You can click on this image and see the enlarged list. I suggest you either bookmark this article for future reference, or you may prefer to print this list as a hardcopy.

Sequim Primary Care

Sequim Primary Care

Some doctors do not accept some insurance companies, so that will necessitate more due diligence on your part when you’re planning for your long term health care. Port Angeles is only 15 miles from Sequim, so I have included the list of all Port Angeles primary care providers on this list, too. If your insurer requires that you see a doctor outside Sequim, you may have to expand your search to Poulsbo, Silverdale, Tacoma, or Seattle. These options are not so bad, since they are anywhere from a half an hour to two hours from Sequim. Unless you see a doctor every week, a short drive for an hour or so is not so bad. If you have lived in a place like Phoenix, every place you need to go is a 45 minute drive.

I hope this list of Sequim primary care providers is helpful as you plan your retirement to Sequim. And if I can help you find a home as your buyer’s agent, that would be great.

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