If you’re planning to retire in Sequim, the quality of Sequim schools is probably not at the top of your list of topics to research, but it has more relevance than most people might think. The quality of the community, of the people, and the values and behavior of the children is a large part of what determines the culture of a community. Let me share why Sequim schools are a reflection of the amazing quality of people living in Sequim.

Sequim Schools

Sequim Schools

Last night our Sequim Schools (the graduating class of 2014) celebrated Scholarship Awards. The Sequim High School has about 1,000 students, so it is a relatively small school. Yet last night the 300+ graduates received a total of almost $3 million dollars in scholarships covering their next four years. Over $350,000 represented local donations from generous Sequim residents, and the balance came from college and university scholarships and grants. Such generosity and such incredible support for our kids was very moving. It reflects the amazing generosity of our Sequim residents and community organizations, and it also reveals something important about our kids.

Sequim Schools and the Students

Retirees in Sequim who demonstrated such generosity are the kind of people who have vast experience in life, and in their wise judgment Sequim high school students earned their generosity by virtue of their hard work throughout four years of getting excellent grades, being involved in extracurricular activities, and giving back to the community through volunteer activities. These kids are incredible. All four of my children have gone through Sequim schools and graduated from Sequim High School. In fact, the quality of Sequim schools and the safety the community offered were the reasons I moved my children here in 1994. This year my youngest daughter, Sabrina Marunde, is in the graduating class. She received scholarships, too, for which I am very grateful, because I will be making up the difference as she attends Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Colleges today can easily cost $60,000 per year, an unbelievable expense compared to the cost when I attended the University of Alaska in the ’70’s.

Why do I share this on a real estate blog? Because this is a reflection of the character of Sequim residents. Sequim is not just a wonderful place to retire because of the famous Sequim Blue Hole, the beautiful Olympic National Forest, or the fishing and boating in Sequim Bay. Sequim is a wonderful place to live because of the people, and nowhere have I seen such a powerful demonstration of their kindness and generosity than last night’s Awards Celebration. Sequim is a wonderful place to live, and our Sequim schools are another major reason this is so true.

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