In Sequim WA the sun is out beautifully today after what seems like a long winter of rainy, cloudy and overcast skies.  Some of our locals reflected on what this summer sunshine means.

Sequim WA

From a septic inspector:  “I feel like a cave troll coming out of dark places into the light.”

From an appraiser:  “My appraisals should be a little higher now that I can see the houses.”

From a home inspector:  “Thank God it’s drying out.  Now I won’t have to wear hip boots under the houses.”

From a well inspector:  “Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.”

From a Realtor:  “Halellujah, the recession is over.”

From a roofer:  “Darn.  I’m probably the only one who prays for cool and cloudy weather.”

From a sheetrock crew:  “Now we won’t have to try to cover the framers crooked walls that got wet and warped.  Oops!  Am I supposed to say that?”

From a local politician:  “Sunshine is like Prosac for my constituents, and they’ll go along with almost anything I do.”

From a pastor:  “Hmm.  When the sun comes out in July, the sheep tend to go off to play, and my congregation shrinks (and so does the tithing).”

From a park ranger in the Olympic National Park:  “Love the sunshine, but it also means we prepare for the hippies from Seattle who get lost in the park when they’re stoned.”

From a home builder:  “Does this mean people will start building houses again?”

Welcome to Sequim WA in July.

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