Finally, a short sale system that really works and helps sellers and buyers get transactions through in the least amount of time with all documentation required by the banks.  Chuck Marunde is pleased to announce the first online short sale engine for the State of Washington and the entire Northwest.  Chuck has been working with a group of short sale experts from Florida for about three years, and the final product is now complete and ready for buyers and sellers to use.  This is the first and only powerful online short sale engine in the entire Northwest and on the Olympic Peninsula and in Sequim and Port Angeles.  What does it do?

Short Sale Online System

This short sale engine solves a major nightmare for buyers and sellers.

For too long the process of getting a short sale through has been a nightmare, and many clients and their Realtors will say that is an understatement.  When a home’s fair market value is less than the balance of the mortgage on the home, the house is upside down, and if a buyer and seller can reach mutual acceptance on a fair price in the current market, it may mean the bank must accept less than the mortgage balance.  This is what we call a short sale.  But trying to get banks on the east coast (or anywhere) to cooperate on a short sale in Sequim or Port Angeles has been nearly impossible.  I’ve had several short sales go south simply because we could not get the bank to work with us on a short sale, and much of that had to do with documentation and the timely processing of all documentation by the responsible parties.

The state of the short sale market has been chaos–literally.

Banks have been ill-equipped to handle the massive volume of foreclosures and short sales, and their loss-mitigation departments were not staffed or trained to handle the defaults and short sale process.  In fact, there were no systems set up for handling large volumes of short sales, nor were there even standards upon which to make decisions regarding short sales.

While banks have been unequipped to handle short sales necessary to get houses sold in this recession, real estate agents have been thrown into the lion’s den in terms of trying to figure it out how to handle a short sale, with agents all over the country doing whatever they heard might work, sending in wrong documentation, insufficient backup documentation, and in many cases not knowing to whom to send the documents and requests to.

Finally, someone has created a short sales system that is being used effectively to complete short sale paperwork, assemble a professional package to submit to banks, and a system of organization and management of the entire process from beginning to end so that all parties involved (buyers, sellers, banks, their Realtors, and their attorneys) can log in to the online account to facilitate the transaction.  There has been nothing like this available until now, and Chuck Marunde is pleased to announce this launch of the areas first online Short Sales Engine.  The system includes:

  1. Paperless Short Sale System
  2. Online Short Sale Document Collection
  3. Online Access For Parties Involved in a Short Sale
  4. Valuation and BPO Reports
  5. HUD-1 Calculation Tools and Forms
  6. Internal and External Notes System
  7. Fax and Email Packages Through The System
  8. Professionaly Built Short Sale Package

If you are a buyer of a home that must be a short sale, contact Chuck Marunde.  As your buyer’s agent, he can use this Short Sales Engine to push your offer through to acceptance faster than anyone without this incredible system.

If you are a seller that must list and sell your home as a short sale, this is the system you need to accomplish what has been confusing to so many across the country.  Although previously Chuck has not been accepting listings that necessitated a short sale, Chuck is now accepting short sale listings because this system is so efficient.  This short sale system gives Chuck a huge advantage in getting a short sale through, and that advantage plays out in favor of his clients who list their property with him.  It doesn’t hurt that Chuck was a real estate attorney for 20 years and understands the foreclosure and short sale process from his own professional experience.

“I’m very pleased to finally have this short sale system up and running after three years of behind-the-scenes work with the most knowledgeable short sale experts in the country.  While I am rolling this system out for everyone in the State of Washington, I am pleased to make this announcement first to Sequim and Port Angeles residents right here,” says Chuck with obvious enthusiasm.  “I’m grateful to be able to bring something so needed and so beneficial to buyers and sellers on the Olympic Peninsula.  This online short sale tool is going to help a lot of people get their homes sold so much faster in cooperation with their banks.”

“Today I talked with one of my associates who is a Realtor and used this system to help one of her clients.  After completing the online documentation from the checklist, she hit the button that assembled the entire short sale package for the bank, creating a cover sheet, a table of contents, and all of the documentation and letters required by her client’s bank.  She said it was about an 80 page package.  She sent the package that was created within the Short Sale Engine while online directly to the designated point of contact at the loss mitigation department on a Friday.  That same afternoon, that bank employee called my associate and said, ‘I got your package and it is so professional.  Everything we need is there and labeled nicely.  Since you’ve given me everything I need to make a decision, let’s get this done right away.  I’d like to get this file off my desk.”

This short sale system works.

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