Do you know about the Sequim irrigation districts? If you plan to buy property in the Sequim area that is located in a Sequim irrigation district, you may want to know which district. Here’s a sweet map of the Sequim irrigation districts and their boundaries with color coded legends that tells you if the irrigation lines are open ditches or pipes. Washington is beginning to regulate the use of residential water, even private wells, and that makes property that has access to irrigation water much more valuable. Only a small percentage of properties in the Sequim and Port Angeles have irrigation water.

Sequim Irrigation Districts

Sequim Irrigation Districts in Demand

Washington has passed a new Water Management Rule, and certain areas on the Olympic Peninsula are covered by the Water Management Rule. Within this area there will be limits on how much water you can pull out of your own well, and the government intends to measure how much water is used on these private wells. Fees will be assessed for people who use more than their allotment. But properties within Sequim irrigation districts have another source of water for five months of the year. Irrigation water typically runs from May through September. If you plan to water plants or fields or an orchard or flowers or animals during those hottest months of the year, irrigation water is a life saver.

Sequim Irrigation Districts

Since there are not many properties in Sequim irrigation districts that are for sale, irrigation properties are undoubtedly going to be in greater demand in the future. They already are. I predict that homes in Sequim irrigation districts will soon demand a premium.

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