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If you are a For-Sale-By-Owner in the State of Washington within my market area, and you do not want a traditional 5% listing with a bricks-and-mortar brokerage, but you want to maximize marketing for your home to the highest qualified buyers who are all using the Internet, then this is the most powerful way to do that, bar none. There’s no other service that comes close to what you can do with this For-Sale-By-Owner Package by Chuck Marunde.

This is a For-Sale-By-Owner listing on, a beautiful public MLS site with a central focus on the Sequim, Washington region (the North Olympic Peninsula), which includes Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, Port Hadlock, west of Port Angeles (Joyce, Forks and beyond), down Hwy 101 to Quilcene and beyond, . . . but what you’re paying for here is much more than just a simple MLS listing on a public MLS site. Here’s a 13-point list below of what this $500 listing buys for you. But before you read these benefits, you might want to watch this video about what it takes to sell a home and how For-Sale-By-Owners leave money on the table, even when they get their full price.

You’ll get all of these benefits:

  1. The experience of a real estate broker with four decades of real estate transaction experience,
  2. Including decades as a Realtor,
  3. Including 20 years as a real estate lawyer,
  4. Author of over 2,000 online articles written for buyers on one of the largest and most powerful real estate blogs in the Northwest,
  5. Author of about 20 books, including many real estate  books written to retirees moving to this region [See all Chuck’s Real Estate Books on Amazon],
  6. Publisher of hundreds of videos produced for buyers all over the U.S., including the popular “Buyer Video Series” on the “Living in Sequim” Youtube channel,
  7. Number 1 Selling Agent in the Sequim real estate market for 7 consecutive years using the Internet with no traditional advertising [See Proof],
  8. And all this experience is on the table for your benefit as a For-Sale-By-Owner. While I will not be acting as your listing broker, nor as your attorney, I have the knowledge and experience to make sure everything is done right.
  9. I come to your home and take professional quality digital SLR photographs, which would cost you at least $500 if you hired a professional real estate photographer. This package does not include a 3 dimensional virtual tour. If you want a classy 3D interactive virtual tour, I can do that and you’ll find the fees at 3D Virtual Tours for FSBOs. This package does not include a drone video. If you want a drone video because your home has an extraordinary water or beach view, for example, the drone fees are separate because you’ll pay a Registered FAA Drone Pilot. Your home must be within my market area, or this option for still digital SLR photos is not included. If your home is in these specific areas, you are definitely in my market area, and you can complete your online purchase now: Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, and Port Hadlock. I often go beyond these areas, so if you have a question about whether you are in my market range, email me at
  10. Your listing will be on the best area MLS site, (which is optimized for search engines) with a great description, all the relevant data, a map, and great presentation photographs, and this MLS site includes all the listings in both the Olympic MLS and the Northwest MLS, which means a lot of buyers are viewing the listings on this MLS site.
  11. Chuck then writes an optimized search engine article on his highly ranked with a link to the MLS listing, and we get more exposure to highly qualified buyers. To see one out of hundreds of examples of how powerful this real estate blog is in the search engines, do a Google search with the phrase, “Sequim buyers agent” without the quotes (which is how buyers type it in the search), and you get these results (which may vary slightly over time): Sequim Buyers Agent Search Results. You’ll see that my sites come up on the first page of Google results in first place, third place, fourth place, fifth place, and at the bottom both Youtube videos are also mine. If you know something about marketing, particularly Internet marketing, you would know that this is extraordinary, and Realtors just don’t have this kind of powerful marketing for their listings. I do. And this is only one phrase of hundreds that buyers search and how they keep finding my online sites, which leads them to me and to your FSBO listing on my site as well as to my article about your home on my blog.
  12. Chuck’s Real Estate Blog, his Youtube Channel, his Real Estate Books on Amazon, and his MLS site together get hundreds of thousands of potential buyers viewing the listings and articles and videos. Overall, Chuck’s sites have received millions of unique views over the past years.
  13. All of this means you will get more exposure for your home than you can possibly get by simply posting it on Zillow or by paying a Seattle broker to input it in the Northwest MLS, which is not a fraction of what I do for you.

Realize please that sophisticated buyers today are not going to buy a home from a For-Sale-By-Owner without professional representation by a seasoned buyer’s agent. There will be a buyer’s agent, whether you want one or not, and you will pay a fee to that agent, or the buyer will walk. You might say as many have, “I’m not paying a real estate commission,” but the buyer is not stupid. If they have to pay it, in their mind the commission is added to the purchase price, so you do pay it. I’ve been doing this for 40 years, so don’t second guess me on this. I’m telling you the truth. You might as well have a good buyer’s agent and a good marketing package involved in your sale, and that’s why I’m doing this. And for Pete’s sake, 2% is so darn reasonable, and saves you so much money, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this offer?

No one offers so much for so little money. Why is Chuck Marunde willing to do this? First, Chuck has everything in place and has been successfully marketing to highly qualified buyers moving to the area and buying homes for decades. Chuck has lived in Sequim going back 25 years now. [Learn more about Chuck at Chuck’s Profile 1 or Chuck’s Profile 2 With Video].

Second, Chuck charges $500.00 up front, which you pay here securely online, but realize that at that price, Chuck is not making any profits. He will spend an entire day and more days collecting your housing information, coming to take photos, editing the photos professionally, and inputting your listing and writing about it on his blog while using SEO (search engine optimization) to connect directly with strong buyers. The balance of what Chuck hopes to earn is a 2% commission if and when he brings a buyer.

Example: If you sell your home this way, because Chuck brings a qualified buyer or a buyer comes directly to you during the contract, and the sales price is $655,000, a regular 5% commission (2.5% to the listing broker and 2.5% to the selling broker representing the buyer) would be $32,750. If you post your listing on Chuck’s MLS site and Chuck brings a buyer who closes at a price you agree to, in this case the commission on $655,000 would only be $13,100, less than one half of a regular real estate commission. Considering all you get here and all Chuck does, this is an extraordinary bargain price.

BONUS: There is a big bonus that Chuck brings to the table, and that is all the legal purchase and sale forms and addendums, as well as all the legal disclosures you as a seller must do. In other words, Chuck helps you and the buyer comply with the law and stay out of trouble. The last thing you need is a lawsuit because you didn’t do something you didn’t know you had to. There is no additional charge for all these forms and for Chuck walking you and the buyer through the entire process from offer to closing. In addition, you’ll get updates and the most organized pending status report you’ve ever seen. Here’s an example of a recent one:

FSBO Checklist

You are welcome to view my public MLS site at:

And my popular real estate blog at:

Zillow is Not Your Best Friend. Since a For-Sale-By-Owner cannot list his home himself in the Olympic Listing Service MLS or the larger Northwest MLS that covers almost all listings in Washington, Zillow becomes the default site for listing a For-Sale-By-Owner. Here’s the problem, and there are actually two. First, buyers are not using Zillow to look for For-Sale-By-Owner listings, because that’s not a search term in Zillow listings, at least not in their search drop down box or that is recognized in the standard search field. It turns out Zillow does have For-Sale-By-Owner listings organized, but you actually have to know the URL, and buyers are not so sophisticated. Second, Zillow is set up to sell Zillow advertising to Realtors, and you’ll notice that all For-Sale-By-Owner listings on Zillow push buyers to select one of three Realtors who each pay Zillow to show up next to your For-Sale-By-Owner listing. That’s great, isn’t it? It’s your personal home listing, and Zillow pushes buyers toward Realtors who come knocking at your door. Just great. Realize that Zillow may allow you to list your home on there as a For-Sale-By-Owner, but Zillow is not your best friend. They only do it to collect more money from Realtors. That wasn’t exactly the reason you decided to become a For-Sale-By-Owner, is it?

Be Wary of Trulia. Trulia does have a search for For-Sale-By-Owner listings that’s not hard to find, but be wary, because Trulia is owned by Zillow, so you’ll see the same three agents with your For-Sale-By-Owner listing on Trulia. You’ll also see Zillow pushing mortgage brokers on your For-Sale-By-Owner listing. I hope you’re beginning to recognize that these services are using your listing to sell subscription services to real estate industry professionals, and they are pushing buyers to hire a buyer’s agent anyway. Trulia is not your friend either.

For-Sale-By-Owner Website Listings Are Lousy. You can find a For-Sale-By-Owner website on which homeowners can enter their listings for a fee, but these sites are lousy, don’t do a good job presenting a beautiful home and property, and homeowners do a very poor job of taking photos and writing up the narrative. But there is another very annoying problem with these sites. If you want to reach out to the seller to ask questions, you get a stupid form to complete with only two options: Make an Offer or Schedule a Showing. It doesn’t give you any contact information or name of the owner, so you have to go through a system that dates back about 20 years ago. Dumb. Buyers don’t like these kinds of sites either. If buyers want to find their ideal home, they will use a good public MLS site with hundreds of listings they can filter through, and they will do lots of research on Google.

Terms and Disclaimer: This For-Sale-By-Owner Package is not a listing. If you want your own signage at your home, you are responsible for that, and Chuck does not put a lockbox of any kind on your home. Chuck Marunde does not become your listing broker. This is a package to put your listing on the best MLS site in the area, and to promote your home with a great presentation as explained in the 13 points. Chuck Marunde will represent the buyer and do all the paperwork for the buyer, which means Chuck is also doing all the paperwork you need to sell to a buyer. But let’s be clear about representation. You are a For-Sale-By-Owner who has decided to represent yourself and this package is the best way to promote your home in this day of the Internet and advanced technologies that buyers are using at their desktop as well as on their mobile devices. You have chosen not to pay a listing broker, and this method and package does not pay any other buyer’s agent to sell your home. If another buyer’s agent brings a buyer, and you want to work with that buyer, you will owe that other buyer’s agent whatever fee you negotiate with them. That would be in addition to your $500 for this package and the 2% Chuck charges as a fee. Obviously, the plan is that between you and Chuck, you reach qualified buyers directly without any other agents apart from Chuck Marunde. Once you’ve completed the purchase of this $500 package, Chuck will email you a contract that affirms what has been stated here, and which also explains that you will pay a 2% fee to Chuck at closing when, and if your homes sells and closes. To avoid games and shenanigans, the $500 is due at the time of this purchase online now, and the 2% will be due at closing, no matter who brings the buyer. In other words, I may bring the buyer directly, or the buyer may find my MLS site or my articles online about your home, or the photos, or the buyer may connect with me through my thousands of articles and hundreds of videos online, and as a result discover your home and buy it. Or the buyer may find your home through any of these online resources, and contact your directly and buy your home. In either case, the 2% is due at closing, because I still do all of the work I promise to do in the 13 points. You can terminate this contract at any time, but there is no refund of the $500, and should you sell your home within six months of terminating, a 2% commission is still paid at closing per your contract with Chuck Marunde. Why? Because Chuck is no longer the naive young Realtor who can be taken advantage of. What you say? “I wouldn’t sell my home without paying Chuck a commission that is owed him?,” or you may say, “I wouldn’t pay to have my listing on Chuck’s MLS site, watch him write an optimized article and promote it through all his online resources, and then terminate the contract to close with a buyer so I can cheat Chuck out of a 2% fee.” Good, I’m glad you would never do such things, but believe me, there are people who would, and I have to protect myself with a rock solid contract so I don’t work for nothing. Now you know I’m upfront and honest, and I will hold you to the same standard of honesty and integrity in our relationship. If you want the best possible promotion of your home, then purchase this package, and I promise I will do the best job I can possibly do for you, and I know how to do that.

If you’re ready, go to the top of this page and you’ll see the “Add to Cart” button where you can complete your purchase. If you’re on a smartphone or iPad, be aware the payment option does not show up unless you are on a desktop browser. Let’s get your home sold for the highest possible price in the least amount of time.

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