You may need a Sequim locksmith. Should you change the locks on your new home? The question is valid, and the truth is, most home buyers do not change the locks on their homes after they move in, but it is clearly a good idea. It will cost a little money, and you’ve got to find a good locksmith who charges reasonable fees, but I can help with that.

Find a Sequim Locksmith After Closing

Sequim Locks

When you close on your new home, you get a key to the front door that has been handled by a lot of people in the prior months. Asked a Sequim locksmith how many people have had access to the average home, and the number can easily be 3 to 6. The seller undoubtedly made some copies of their front door key while they owned their home, and over the years they may have give a copy of that key to a neighbor, to their landscaper if they spent a couple of winter months in Arizona or Nevada, or to their house cleaner. Some people have a regular maintenance man who they trust and who has a key.

Homeowners also give a copy to their listing agent, who may have made an extra copy for the real estate office. During the time the home was on the market, dozens of Realtors may have used the key to open the front door. Contractors may have been given entry to the home to do work to satisfy a buyer. The point is, there may be a number of people who have had copies of the key to the front door or access to the home. It’s a good idea to have the door locks changed, and you’ll want a trustworthy Sequim locksmith to do that.

Change the Front Lock with a Sequim Locksmith

I receive no referral fee of any kind, but this Sequim locksmith came to my home and changed my lock at an incredibly reasonable fee of only $60. You won’t beat that, and this young man is professional and very pleasant. I highly recommend him.

Sequim Locksmith

Sequim Locksmith

The best way to contact this Sequim locksmith is by calling his office phone number, and if he isn’t in, leave a message. Sequim Locksmith, SureLock Services, LLC: 360-726-2592.

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