Covenants, also known as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), are common in subdivisions where some measure of control is necessary to maintain the quality of a neighborhood. The most common restriction is one which prohibits mobile homes in a stick built neighborhood. Many retirees moving to Sequim do not want a lot of restrictions, and they do not want a homeowners’ association breathing down their neck all the time.


Covenants You Might Like

I love these covenants on this Sequim property. This paragraph is the only restriction:

“There shall be no manufactured housing of any kind, including, without limitation, mobile or modular homes, constructed, placed, left, or situated upon any of said parcels except as incident to the construction of a permanent nonmanufactured residence and for a period not to exceed a total of eight (8) months. The foregoing shall not limit the presence of recreation vehicles (no more than one per parcel) upon a parcel if screened to the reasonable satisfaction of the owners of any adjacent parcel, and at least fifty (50) feet from the ingress and egress easement shared by all of the described parcels.”

Isn’t that incredible! The owners of this property have tremendous flexibility with their property. They could have a couple of horses on this five acre parcel. They could have chickens. They could build a shop building as long as it complies with the building code. Most properties have far more restrictions, so this property will appeal to many people.

Covenants – Can You Say Freedom?

You can see this property at Sequim Home on Acreage and here’s another property with limited restrictions at Sequim Home with few covenants.

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