Chickens are popular in farm country, but what about Sequim? Yes, chickens are popular in Sequim, too. Sequim really is farm country, and some retirees moving to Sequim want a property with chickens.

Chickens and the CC&Rs

The key to searching for a property where you can have chickens or other animals is found in the CC&Rs, aka the covenants, conditions and restrictions. I share more about this in this podcast.

Goats and sheep are popular, too, but some people with larger properties have their horses or cows grazing on the back 40. I’m a typical country hick. I have 2.58 acres all fenced for animals and two horse stables in a little barn. I don’t have any animals now, but I love my property with my panoramic mountain view. I do have a dog, and he does love his little kingdom. 

If you’re looking at some properties in the Sequim MLS that you hope will allow chickens, email me and I’ll help answer the question.

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