Sequim ForeclosuresSequim foreclosures make up a very small part of the market.  We all hear about the massive number of foreclosures in Las Vegas and Phoenix and several other cities around the county, and people talk about stealing houses for incredibly low prices, but that market does not exist in Sequim.  That’s actually good for local homeowners who hope to sell their homes.  The last thing they need is a glut of foreclosures on the market that would make selling their homes so much harder than it already is.  But it’s also good for retirees who are planning to buy a home in Sequim now.  The last thing a buyer wants is an unstable market with lots of foreclosures.  Buyers want to know they are buying in a stable market so their own investment will be sound in the years ahead.  There just are not very many Sequim foreclosures.

To make the point objectively, here is the entire list of all foreclosures listed for sale right now in Sequim and Port Angeles combined.  Actually, these are all the foreclosures in all of Clallam County.  In our MLS these are called “bank owned” because they have been foreclosed and are now owned by the banks.  As you can see there are only 33 foreclosures for sale in Clallam County, and there are only 6 Sequim bank owned foreclosures in all of Sequim as of today (6/24/2011).  There are only 27 foreclosures in all of Port Angeles.  The first column shows the MLS numbers, and the last column shows the total Days on Market (DOM).

Sequim Foreclosures

261153 310 N Ennis Port Angeles $57,900 24
260968 1515 W 7th. St. Port Angeles $62,300 45
260981 163 N Hemlock Port Angeles $64,900 43
260716 814 W 13th Port Angeles $74,000 75
260818 906 W 16th Port Angeles $84,900 62
260441 434 E 9th. St. Port Angeles $84,900 107
260145 1801 W 16th Port Angeles $99,000 156
260594 1617 W 11TH ST Port Angeles $99,900 92
261277 1319 Campbell Ave, Port Angeles $109,000 9
260323 113 E Lopez Avenue Port Angeles $109,900 129
261059 820 W 11th Street Port Angeles $112,900 36
261211 115 E Old Mill Mtn. Rd. Port Angeles $114,900 22
261138 62 Woodridge Dr. Sequim $119,900 24
260827 336 Whidby Ave Port Angeles $119,900 60
261233 300 N Sequim Avenue Sequim $129,900 14
260384 235908 W Hwy 101 Port Angeles $135,000 115
260626 1032 Piedmont Rd Port Angeles $139,900 87
260856 1145 Craig Ave Port Angeles $144,990 57
261310 411 Heuhslein Road Port Angeles $151,000 3
260939 31 Burnt Mountain Pl. Sequim $151,900 48
260620 242 Peters Rd Port Angeles $151,900 87
261126 149 Deer Mountain Drive Port Angeles $154,950 29
261142 11 Alpine Loop Sequim $155,200 24
260673 122 Agnew Parkway Port Angeles $159,900 81
260864 446 Spath Road Sequim $175,000 56
261312 21 N Maple Lane Port Angeles $189,000 2
260625 291 Crosby Lane Port Angeles $189,950 86
260743 131 Rainier Ln Port Ludlow $189,990 72
260882 444 La Paloma Port Angeles $199,000 53
261220 1942 W 8th. St. Port Angeles $213,900 16
260042 63 Twin Peaks Ln. Sequim $254,900 169
260984 141 E Old Mill Rd. Port Angeles $265,000 44
260708 4007 S Tiller Road Port Angeles $275,000 79

Sequim Foreclosures Few and Far Between

Clients ask me regularly, “Can I find a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style home on one level on a great lot in a nice area at a fraction of the cost of other homes?”  The answer with respect to Sequim foreclosures is, “No.”  Why do I say no?  First, there are not very many Sequim foreclosures.  There are only 6  Sequim foreclosures listed for sale in the MLS today.  We have 835 homes listed in the MLS for sale today.  The Sequim foreclosures represent about 1/2 of 1% of the inventory.  Compare this to Las Vegas.  Foreclosure filings were reported on 14,940 properties in Las Vegas in August, one in every 53 housing units, which is more than 6.7 times the national average.  With only 6 foreclosures in Sequim, it is highly unlikely you will find your dream home in that short list.

Second, most of these foreclosures are not what retirees are looking for.  Most of them are not the ideal floor plan, or they are not in an attractive area, or they are in such disrepair, retirees don’t want them.  Even millionaire investors are not buying these homes.  That ought to tell you something.

Sequim Foreclosures and the MLS

If you would like to look at any of these foreclosures, simply use the MLS number or the address to look them up on this Sequim MLS site.  You’ll see full photographs and details about the property.  And if you want to view any of these Sequim foreclosures, just email me or give me a call at 360-775-5424.

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