Sequim security gates, Port Angeles security gates for private roads and driveways–why have one?

There are four (4) major reasons, but most people would probably not guess the first one. A security gate serves more than one purpose, and the most common benefit and the most important benefit are not necessarily the same. Here are the reasons for a security gate in order of how often the gate returns a benefit.

  1. A security gate stops garbage dumpers before they can dump wash machines, tires, and other garbage on your property, or on the drive to your home. People of low standards dump garbage every day on the most convenient rural roads, and they are almost never caught. Wash machines and dryers are very common, as well as tires, and lots of small junk, bags, paper, and rotting things. Not as common, but still popular, is the junk car or old vehicle parts. Here’s an interesting piece of trivia: if a person of low standards has dumped junk on your property once, you can bet that the same thing that attracted that person will eventually attract another dumper. For this reason alone a security gate is well worth the money.
  2. A security gate keeps recreational drinkers and drug users from partying on or near your home on Friday and Saturday nights. This issue can overlap, although not necessarily, with the next two reasons.
  3. A security gate will help to keep 90% of all thieves from driving up to your home when you are absent and helping themselves to your prized possessions.
  4. A security gate will substantially reduce the probability that a criminal will harm you or anyone in your home.
I took the photograph above on one of the back roads in Port Angeles. Who hasn’t seen this kind of mess while driving around? There’s no question that keeping your property clean and free of dumpers is the greatest use your security gate will get, although you will never know it since the gate doesn’t tell you it deterred dumpers.

The most important use and benefit of your security gate will be to protect you and your family from physical harm. What price can one put on a security gate for this benefit alone?

If you live in the rural Sequim or Port Angeles areas, I recommend a private security gate. They are incredibly inexpensive compared to the great benefits you’ll receive in the years ahead.

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